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Recently I wrote a post, Bloggers, Books and Carl Sagan , and asked bloggers to describe their blog in 2-4 words.  Thanks to all who commented and/or liked!  Here are those who responded directly to describing their blogs.

She Kept a Parrot
folksy, sentimental, personal”
George is all of that and more.  You will find outstanding photos of her immediate environment, local sites and people who interest her.  Her photos are accompanied by short explanations and wonderful stories.  Indeed, she does keep a parrot (Rita), a chinchilla (Che) and more than one dog.  Stop by her home – you’ll be entertained.  She also has a blog called “The Fuzzy Photo.

“esoteric intolerance”
FASAB (Fight Against Stupidity & Bureaucracy ) posts daily and is sure to make you smile or groan with jokes, puns, tests and information you did not know you needed.  Give it a try and have some fun!

Ruined for Life:  Phoenix Edition
I must ruminate over which words capture this blog.”
Kelly lives part of the time in China where she teaches English.  From she writes of life around her accompanied by excellent photos of the places she visits.  It truly is a unique look inside that country from an American’s viewpoint.   She reviews books, movies, TV shows, plays, music and more.  You will learn from the phoenix!

This Little Light
“impassioned girl meets quirky writer”
Cara is impassioned about writing!  She writes from her heart with compassion about her own journeys and inspires in many ways.  Her other blog,  “Awaking Foster Kelly”, showcases her book.  Her light is a beacon – go to the light!

Tilted Tiara
…all over the place & whatever I am feeling at the time.”
Valentine shares her political views and her past in a passionate way.  I admire her ability to be so candid about tragically failed relationships.  Yet her sense of humor and courage comes through – she is not a victim.  Take a look at her tiara!

Feel free to pass it on - no rules or obligations!

Feel free to pass this award on – no rules or obligations!

“Share the Love”  courtesy of Lori of Bless Your Hippie Heart.   May you always blog with heart!

One Year Later and Beautiful and Lovely Awards

One year ago I started this blog as a way to create a routine for writing as I am one of those writers who needs a deadline unless I am unusually blessed by my muse.  Occasionally I can conger her up with a lighted candle.

At first I was going to call my blog “Crones and Curmudgeons,” but then I decided I did not want to speak for the curmudgeons  as they tend to speak loudly enough for themselves.  I would write from the viewpoint of a crone, a coastal crone since I live on the  gulf coast.  It would be “The Coastal Crone.”  On July 8 I  published my first  post, “Wisdom of the Crone.”  One year later I am acknowledging two new awards.

The first is the “Beautiful Blogger Award” from a beautiful young woman, Cara Olsen, of “This Little Light of Mine.”  Cara writes from her heart and has many talents.  One blogger wrote, “That girl can do anything!”  Check out her book, “Awakening Foster Kelly.”   Thank you, Cara!

The other one is “One Lovely Blog Award” from a lovely lady, George Weaver, of “She Kept a Parrot.”  George is probably one of the first persons to follow my blog.  She generously shares her life – present and past – through orb of camera and accompanied  by words of wisdom and humor.  She and her camera can turn the ordinary into the exotic.   Thank you, George!

One of the rules of these awards is that you disclose seven random things about yourself.  Here are some whimsical revelations.

1.  I once had six grown cats:  three were  inside cats and three were outside cats.
2.  My daughter and I graduated from college the same year.
3.  I have never been to Las Vegas or Branson, Missouri.
4.  Whenever appropriate I wear heels to augment my height of 5′ 2”.
5.  I am morbidly afraid of snakes.
6.  Sunshine makes me happy.
7.  I am not a morning person.

Another rule states that I must nominate others for these awards.  Forgive me, but I am going to deviate.  The purpose of these awards seems to be to recognize, encourage and promote blogs we find worthy of our time.  Cara and George have nominated several blogs they like so I will simply encourage you to check out some of the ones they have chosen.  You may find some you may want to explore and follow.

Here are the posts where they listed their nominees. 

My thanks again to Cara and George and to all who have stopped by my blog to look around, comment, like and follow.   I hope you will visit again!

Acknowledging Awards

When it rains it pours!  Last Monday we had rain, hail and a tornado all in one morning.  The rain was almost 12 inches resulting in some flooding; the hail was brief; the tornado was on the other side of town with some minor damage and no injuries.  We lost power in the early morning.  I was glad the coffee had been brewed before that!  Since we don’t have cell phones with access to the internet and all those apps, we were reduced to listening to the news on National Public Radio via a small radio that runs on batteries. 

After the long drought of last summer we were grateful for the beautiful rain.  The week before we had bought a 58 gallon rain barrel to capture water from a down spout for my herbs.  It was overflowing and worked perfectly!

By the afternoon power and internet were restored and the storm had moved on out into the gulf.  We were saved!  The coffee was gone and we were considering switching to wine! 

A pleasant award shower came that night when I checked my e-mail and found that I had been nominated for two awards.

My thanks to The Tin Man for offering me the Versatile Blogger Ward  and the Sunshine Award! 
Check him at his blog,  Tales and Travels of  The Tin Man.
The Tin Man shares his knowledge and travel adventures with us.  Recently he even shared his medical adventures.  This Tin Man has a big heart!

The Sunshine Award came from Airports Made Simple.  Thanks so much!
Check out this blog.
The founder of this blog is about the practical side of getting to where you want to go if you have to fly.  There are all sorts of tips for the traveler, humor, nostalgia,  aviation history, and current stories about the adventures of travel today.  Even if you are not a frequent flyer you might enjoy checking it out.  The writer even makes me think that the glamor days of flying might be coming back…well maybe not!  That possibility was addressed  in my September 24 blog, “Flying in Black and White.”

In lieu of nominating others for these awards I am suggesting you check out these two blogs and their other nominations for these awards.  I haven’t checked them all out but there is something there for everyone.  It is always fun to explore recommended blogs.  Muchas gracias to both of you!

The weather was great last weekend for the local 39th Annual Windfest, but hurricane seasons starts June 1.  We’ll be ready to bring in the cat and roll down the shutters if one comes our way.

Liebster Blog Award and Muchas Gracias


Liebster Blog Award

Just in time for Valentine’s Day I received this ♥ which nominated me for an award from Cara Olsen.  Muchas gracias!  Check out her blog at  I am new to blogging so this was a suprise to me, but it is a good way for newbies like me to have blogs recommended without random searches.
Per Cara:  “‘Liebster’ is a German word meaning dearest or beloved, but it can also mean favorite. The idea behind the Liebster Blog Award is that it is given to bloggers in order to create new connections and bring attention to these wonderful blogs!”

The Rules:  (Also per Cara)

1 – Thank the fellow blogger who nominated you.

2 – Link back to the person who awarded you.

3 – List the blogs that have affected your writing in a positive manner.

4 – Leave comments on those blogs to let them know of their nominations.

5 – Post award to your blog (Optional, of course)

Here is my list of blogs for now, but I as I take the time to discover more and interact I will be sharing links and reposting blogs.  These may have already been nominated, but I hope they won’t mind my recommending them again. 

Ruined for Life:Phoenix Edition
Susan Kelly posts beautiful photographs to accompany her varied cultural interests and weekly blogger challenges.  You will not be disappointed.  Without knowing it she gave me the courage to start my blog.

Crowing Crone Joss
Joss is a sister crone.  Need I say more?

Lisa’s History Room
Lisa’s blog probably has plenty of traffic without my small mention, but it is interesting and has plenty of  photos.  Recently Lisa posted about Whitney Houston, but you will also find a post on Queen Victoria.

Thank you again, Cara!