One Year Later and Beautiful and Lovely Awards

One year ago I started this blog as a way to create a routine for writing as I am one of those writers who needs a deadline unless I am unusually blessed by my muse.  Occasionally I can conger her up with a lighted candle.

At first I was going to call my blog “Crones and Curmudgeons,” but then I decided I did not want to speak for the curmudgeons  as they tend to speak loudly enough for themselves.  I would write from the viewpoint of a crone, a coastal crone since I live on the  gulf coast.  It would be “The Coastal Crone.”  On July 8 I  published my first  post, “Wisdom of the Crone.”  One year later I am acknowledging two new awards.

The first is the “Beautiful Blogger Award” from a beautiful young woman, Cara Olsen, of “This Little Light of Mine.”  Cara writes from her heart and has many talents.  One blogger wrote, “That girl can do anything!”  Check out her book, “Awakening Foster Kelly.”   Thank you, Cara!

The other one is “One Lovely Blog Award” from a lovely lady, George Weaver, of “She Kept a Parrot.”  George is probably one of the first persons to follow my blog.  She generously shares her life – present and past – through orb of camera and accompanied  by words of wisdom and humor.  She and her camera can turn the ordinary into the exotic.   Thank you, George!

One of the rules of these awards is that you disclose seven random things about yourself.  Here are some whimsical revelations.

1.  I once had six grown cats:  three were  inside cats and three were outside cats.
2.  My daughter and I graduated from college the same year.
3.  I have never been to Las Vegas or Branson, Missouri.
4.  Whenever appropriate I wear heels to augment my height of 5′ 2”.
5.  I am morbidly afraid of snakes.
6.  Sunshine makes me happy.
7.  I am not a morning person.

Another rule states that I must nominate others for these awards.  Forgive me, but I am going to deviate.  The purpose of these awards seems to be to recognize, encourage and promote blogs we find worthy of our time.  Cara and George have nominated several blogs they like so I will simply encourage you to check out some of the ones they have chosen.  You may find some you may want to explore and follow.

Here are the posts where they listed their nominees. 

My thanks again to Cara and George and to all who have stopped by my blog to look around, comment, like and follow.   I hope you will visit again!

12 thoughts on “One Year Later and Beautiful and Lovely Awards

  1. A beautiful acceptance speech for your two beautiful awards. 😉

    Thank you of your kind words. I treasure them, I really do.

    I highly enjoyed the Jonel trivia portion of this post! Truly, you are 5’2? I don’t know why, but in my mind I pictured you tall . . . Perhaps it’s that your elegance suggests a certain stature. And three inside cats and three outsides cats — what a crack-up!

    Hope you’re having a lovely day, my friend.

    ~ Cara


  2. Congratulations! (I love George, too!!) I will definitely check out Cara…I am coming up on a year, too – it just flew by so fast. I love to write and I so enjoy reading other’s works. You have a great blog, here – keep writing – I’m looking forward to reading!


  3. 5″2… I sometimes wonder what it must be like to see the world from this perspective, I would have to saw several inches from my feet. All the women in my family are around this height, and I’ve always been the odd / tallish one out – when we’re standing chatting in a circle, I feel like I’m in some elevated stratosphere 🙂


    • Funny, in my family I am the odd one! I hate looking up at people so I wear heels as often as possible. I am sure you are graceful and lovely! Thanks for the likes and following. I will be checking your blog out! And be proud of your stature – I always feel better when I am taller! Nice to have met you.


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