Acknowledging Awards

When it rains it pours!  Last Monday we had rain, hail and a tornado all in one morning.  The rain was almost 12 inches resulting in some flooding; the hail was brief; the tornado was on the other side of town with some minor damage and no injuries.  We lost power in the early morning.  I was glad the coffee had been brewed before that!  Since we don’t have cell phones with access to the internet and all those apps, we were reduced to listening to the news on National Public Radio via a small radio that runs on batteries. 

After the long drought of last summer we were grateful for the beautiful rain.  The week before we had bought a 58 gallon rain barrel to capture water from a down spout for my herbs.  It was overflowing and worked perfectly!

By the afternoon power and internet were restored and the storm had moved on out into the gulf.  We were saved!  The coffee was gone and we were considering switching to wine! 

A pleasant award shower came that night when I checked my e-mail and found that I had been nominated for two awards.

My thanks to The Tin Man for offering me the Versatile Blogger Ward  and the Sunshine Award! 
Check him at his blog,  Tales and Travels of  The Tin Man.
The Tin Man shares his knowledge and travel adventures with us.  Recently he even shared his medical adventures.  This Tin Man has a big heart!

The Sunshine Award came from Airports Made Simple.  Thanks so much!
Check out this blog.
The founder of this blog is about the practical side of getting to where you want to go if you have to fly.  There are all sorts of tips for the traveler, humor, nostalgia,  aviation history, and current stories about the adventures of travel today.  Even if you are not a frequent flyer you might enjoy checking it out.  The writer even makes me think that the glamor days of flying might be coming back…well maybe not!  That possibility was addressed  in my September 24 blog, “Flying in Black and White.”

In lieu of nominating others for these awards I am suggesting you check out these two blogs and their other nominations for these awards.  I haven’t checked them all out but there is something there for everyone.  It is always fun to explore recommended blogs.  Muchas gracias to both of you!

The weather was great last weekend for the local 39th Annual Windfest, but hurricane seasons starts June 1.  We’ll be ready to bring in the cat and roll down the shutters if one comes our way.

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