Bloggers, Books and Carl Sagan

C Sagan

“A book is made from a tree.  It is an assemblage of flat flexible parts (still called “leaves”) imprinted with dark pigmented squiggles.  One glance at it and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for thousands of years.  Across the millennia, the author is speaking, clearly and silently, inside your head, directly to you.  Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people, citizens of distant epochs who never knew one another.  Books break the shackles of time – proof that humans can work magic.”
Carl Sagan
(Nov. 9, 1934 – Dec. 20, 1996)

As a confessed bibliophile I really like this quote from Carl Saga who wrote many books of his own.  While as bloggers we may not have the possibility of having our written words read a thousand years from now across the millenia, there is a faint parallel of similarity.

In my year and a half of blogging and reading other blogs, I have heard the illustrated voices of those far away in cyberspace via their posts.  The individual personalities have  been reflected in his or her writing:

 funny, bold, shy,
passionate, creative, troubled, conservative, carefree
retired, well-traveled, thoughtful, liberal
wise, caring, epicurean, helpful, eccentric
serious, delightful, insightful, smart
disgruntled, determined,
chic, outdoorsy, inventive

and sexy

I have found interests that matched mine and discovered new ones that I would never have considered exploring.  I have been challenged by technology, different opinions and lifestyles.  With gratitude I have made friends, young and seasoned, who encouraged me, commented on and “liked” my humble posts.  Thank you all!  And thank you WordPress!

Outer space was the world that Carl Sagan loved and explained so well to all of us.  I think he would approve of cyberspace and the communication it brings to so easily share knowledge and ideas around the world.

How would you describe your blog in two or three words?

I would describe my blog as “an eclectic bibelot.”  May you blog with great success in 2013!

40 thoughts on “Bloggers, Books and Carl Sagan

    • Yes, written words do have the power to go on and influence generation after generation. I am sure you will come up with appropriate word or words for your blog. I almost considered bagatelle. Thank you for all the support you have given my blog in 2012!


  1. If anyone doubts that magic exists one only has to read a book. Carl Sagan sums it up beautifully. Through books we live a million lives, inhabit a million worlds, are enriched beyond belief. Books have enthralled me, entertained me, seduced me. I could not live with out books and my literary world. Thank you for this wonderful quote. V.


    • Virginia, you have summed it very well yourself! I would not want to live without books either. I can go anywhere with them. Thank you for your support of my blog. I always look forward to your elegant posts!


  2. “An eclectic bibelot” it is! Our blogs are blips on the screen, but yours is also an eclectic collection of ideas and information that always surprises and delights me. When I come here, I know that I am going to find some little treasure to take away with me. Thank you for your posts, Jo Nell.

    I would describe my blog as a bit “folksy”, a bit “sentimental” and very “personal”. I only post about stuff that interests me personally. I suppose that’s what all of us do here. 🙂

    This was a great post for the new year!


    • Yes, your blog is folksy, sentimental and personal but it is even more! I would add honest and creative. And popular too! It is nice to be able to write about stuff that interests us and not have to write what someone else tells us to write about. Maybe we are an independent bunch, huh?

      I will look forward to more of your photos and thoughts in 2013!


  3. Wow, what a great post. And what a great quote to begin it, clever old hubby! I was a big fan of Carl Sagan, he was one of the best communicators I have ever heard and watched. He had an intensity and enthusiasm for knowledge and teaching that is a rare commodity these times.
    Not sure I could describe my blog in two or three words, I’m not even sure if it still is what it set out to be, but that’s life! What about esoteric intolerance? I’ll think about it more though.


    • I rather like esoteric intolerance for your blog. Husband was also a fan of Carl Sagan. Years ago he came to Corpus Christi to speak and I got a ticket for him to hear Sagan lecture. Thanks for stopping by to comment kindly. When I visit your blog I always know I will be entertained and enlightened! May our blogs continue to evolve like life!


  4. Hi Jo Nell! Another great post. Really LOVE the Carl Sagan quote. So very true. I think the blog era may last longer than we think. Your blog I would classify as authentic. It’s a story of your life but also a group of thoughts and observations of looking at things in an interesting way. Really like it. Thanks, too, so much for your support and continued “likes” and comments on my blog. Really appreciate it. Don’t cruise here often enough. 🙂


    • Well, at this age I can’t hide my authenticity! But thanks – I will take it as a compliment. It has been a writing outlet for me but it has evolved even more to connections with others of similar and dissimilar interests. I always enjoy your posts with travel tips and fun ideas but it just makes me want to travel! I have been negligent on visiting blogs lately with the holidays. Thank you for your support! All the best to you in 2013!


      • Same to you! No worries. I’ve learned our fellow bloggers are the most forgiving (I, too, would like to spend an entire week and read everything everyone has posted to show my support. But I try to as much as I possibly can. :))


  5. Wonderous words shared by a woman of wonder! How beautiful to remember Carl Sagan………the intensity of his words was always a marvel to me. How he inspired me, in my younger days. “A heart is not judged by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others” said the Wizard to the Tin Man……….YOU my dearest Crone are much loved by others!


    • Yes, he was an inspiration to Husband also in his younger days. Ah, Tin Man, you know just what to say to a crone! No wonder Virginia is slightly in love with you. Thank you too for the quote from the Wizard. What would we do without you? Sending love back your way…


  6. Amy, thanks for the link to your blog and 2014 – I missed it. That is next year! I don’t keep up with all the new stuff and just do enough to keep me from looking too far behind. Good post!


  7. That is a wonderful quote, a man with incredible insight. I love books and was brought up to read a lot. Reading increases both our knowledge and our imagination.


    • I really like it too! I read to my children and surrounded them with children’s books of their own when they were small and did the same for my grandson. We all still share a love for reading and discuss books, give them and share them. Nice to have a comment from a fellow book lover!


  8. First, I love your description of your blog! Carl Sagan quote is perfect, given my great love of books I could not agree more. I love the electronic age, but still cling with great intensity to real books!

    I do not know how I would describe my blog. It is all over and whatever I am feeling in any given moment of time.


    • It is good to know that many people still like real books! To me your blog is always passionate and honest – keep up the good work and find that way to get more involved as you seem to be wanting. Gracias for the comments.


  9. What a wonderful quote . . . and I would have to agree — that writing is one of thee greatest inventions of all time. I get a little lightheaded every time I enter a book store, just thinking about all the knowledge, all the topics, all the love, time and energy that were put into creating stories, both fiction and non. A piece of electronic equipment will never replace the handheld book; never. It would be as glib as saying that a picture of lips could replace the real feeling of a kiss.

    My blog in a couple words . . . impassioned girl meets quirky writer.

    Be well,


  10. Excellent post. I had never heard that quote of Sagan. Just reading it, he brought it all so to life. And even that a book is a tree – it seems by that, to still breathe.

    Loved this. Cheers!


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  12. This was such a great post to welcome the new year! I feel the same way about the wonderful stories and new friends I’ve encountered here on WordPress. I look forward to seeing what 2013 has in store. 😉


  13. Testiment to the power (danger) of words – always remember that after the revolutionaries have taken the airport and the radio station, they then start banning the writers!

    My blog?: “Here’s another story”


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