The Old Farmer’s Almanac tells me Dog Days are between July 3 and August 11 as those are normally the hottest days of summer. This year it was hard to tell one hot day from another as the weather week after week was HOT, HOT and more HOT and not even a tropical storm to bring some rain.
We are in Stage I water restrictions that means no watering with sprinklers except on trash day once a week and other limited use of water. Our lawn is brown but we weren’t watering before the restrictions.
I remember the drought during the 1950s when my father, a rancher in South Texas, considered contributing money to seed clouds if praying for rain didn’t work. My mother discouraged that idea and kept praying. Let us hope that it does not take a hurricane to bring rain and get some water into our watershed.

Until then I will keep toasting Chac,the Mayan Rain God.

32 thoughts on “POST CARD FROM BRIAR COTTAGE 8/11/22

  1. Our province seeds clouds but they do it to hopefully make the hail stones smaller!
    It is interesting to look at the history of droughts – helps to put current conditions into perspective.

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    • I didn’t know about seeding for smaller hail stones! That would help,

      No, droughts are nothing new, but just worse in some places. We just have to learn how to conserve and adapt. The Dust Bowl was really bad and cause migration. Stay safe from hail!

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  2. Personally, I try never to use [that word]. Instead, I prefer “rain without a name.” No need to tempt the weather gods! Have you read any of the accounts of the rainmakers that were around in the 1800s? I interviewed a couple in Chase County, Kansas, who had stories of one who came through Council Grove or that general area when their great-grandparents were around. We had some pretty good rain around here yesterday and last night. The totals weren’t so great, but widespread half-inches are just fine, especially if we can get a bit more while the ground still is damp. Some species of dragonflies has hatched out, and last night the frogs or crickets (whichever) sounded really happy. I hope your area gets happy soon!

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  3. We aren’t in a drought yet but it’s been dry. We had a 5 minute rain that got everything wet but dried out in another 5 minutes. Not what we needed. Our 10 day projection is for more moderate weather and I’m hoping for that!

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