I greet this morning of sunshine with open eyes
I see the flowers that greet the sun
I hear the birds call to each other from tree to tree
I sense the trees greeting the sun with me
I ask that today bring gladness and gifts
This summer solstice
Warmth of sun
Clearness of air
Happiness of birds
Purity of flowers
Greeness of plants
Prisms in water
Clarity of sight
Patience of growth
Blessings of the long day
May the gifts of this day surround me and all I love
From morning’s first light
Through the shortness of night.
(Author unknown)


    • And a happy Summer Solstice to you and yours. I like the idea of breathing in the joys of summer. For some of us in Texas it has meant breathing in dust from the Sahara Desert. How connected the Earth is!


  1. Lovely. It has echoes of the traditional Irish prayer known as St. Patrick’s Breastplate: one of my favorites, that has been given a musical setting as well as being somewhat revised and included in some hymnals.

    The cactus is beautiful. Is it yours?

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    • I will have to check out St. Patrick’s Breastplate.
      Yes, the cactus is mine. This one was taken when we had some in the ground in the back yard. Now I have some in a large clay pot near the entrance where it gets plenty of sun. It has filled the pot. Last week there were six blooms at one time. I am sure you will know the proper name. Our yard is almost xeriscaped with plenty of sun.

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  2. Dear Jo Nell, Sunrise was 5:11 on the first day of summer. I was up early and the eastern mountains were navy blue against the dark sky. We had a little rain in the night and the air was clean and sweet smelling of hay and all things growing. Then the sun. How glorious. Your words were of the moment. To be repeated. To be remembers. XXX Virginia


    • And I can imagine your world at sunrise. You will cherish and remember. It is extremely dry here with Stage I water restrictions in place until rains come – let us hope it is not with a hurricane. Still I cherish what plants I have in pots on the patio. The lawn is turning brown but that is the way it is in our sun-drenched Briar Cottage. Hope all is well with you. All ok here. Sending hugs!


    • Thanks! Yes, it has been a good summer despite the heat. I have much to be thankful for! We have good AC and a covered patio that has a nice breeze from the south in the evening. And we don’t have to work out in the heat. Take care, Diana.


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