Sitting proudly on the flight deck of the USS Lexington is a plane that has gone pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.   A press release described it this way.

“The USS Lexington is excited to announce the very first F9F-8 Cougar painted in pink. The F9F-8 Cougar will be displayed on the flight deck, for all to see, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

For the first time in history, it will be showcased in the color “Heliconia”, a vibrant shade of pink. The idea was presented by the Director of Operations & Exhibits, Rusty Reustle, from a technique he observed Disney using while filming Pearl Harbor. Dishwashing liquid is applied to latex paint and prevents the paint from becoming permanent.  The F9F-8 Cougar is the swept wing version of its forerunner, the F9F Panther — Grumman’s first jet fighter plane. The Blue Angels flew with the F9F-8 and one –8T from 1955 to 1958. The USS Lexington chose a fighter plane in support of all who have fought and continue to fight the battle of cancer.”

(Scenes from the movie,” Pearl Harbor“- 2001, were filmed on the USS Lexington and starred Ben Affleck.)

pinkjet2016ABOVE:  Rocco Montesano, Executive Director; Rusty Restule, Director of Operations & Exhibits; Leon Root, Chief of Maintenance
BELOW:  USS Lexington Crew (employees) & Board Members

The jet will remain on display in pink through the month of October and then will be power washed back to its original color.  The USS Lexington rests in Corpus Christi Bay, just across the ship channel from downtown Corpus Christi, Texas.

(Here is a post from last year, “Boobs and Betty Bombers”, when I joined at team from the Lex to raise money for the American Cancer Society.)


    • Pink is not really my color but I do have a couple of pink t-shirts with the pink ribbon that I wear in October. This pink plane really does stand out on that flight deck with all the other planes! Thanks for taking time to visit and comment, Judith. I hope you are continuing to make progress and do well! Cheers!


    • Yes, it is important to be aware and get those mammograms! I thought is was so good that a guy thought about painting a plane pink and they got into the spirit and many wore pink for the photo. Always happy to have you visit! Have been trying to catch up on my blog reading!


    • It is very impressive as it sits on that deck and one can see it as you drive over the Harbor Bridge right there by the Lexington. Thanks for taking time to check it out and comment! Heading over to read your latest post as I have saved it for special reading.


  1. Jo, our daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer over five years ago. She’s doing well today but it’s a constant worry, no matter what. It’s a horrific disease. Seeing how much she suffered was so hard. Raising awareness is good, but I do wonder with all the money that’s been raised, why they haven’t found a cure yet.

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    • Yes, it has taken its toll on many lives. I can understand your concern for your daughter even after five years. May she continue to do well and be one of the successful survivors! We need a cure for breast cancer and all the others. It touches so many lives. Thank you for sharing your connection with breast cancer. Pink cheers for your daughter! Always a pleasure to hear from you.


    • I would not have either but they were very brave to try it with this plane. It looks great sitting on the flight deck on the bow of the ship and can be seen as one drives across the Harbor Bridge. My daughter works on the ship in accounting so I will get the story when it is power washed next week. Hope it all comes off without much scrubbing! Thanks for visiting, Sheryl! I hope all is well with you.

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      • It would be fun to hear how easy (or difficult) it is to power wash the pink paint off. I’m enjoying the lovely autumn weather, and hope that you are also having a nice fall.


    • It sort of reminded me of those pink Mary Kay cars but it was a bit darker. The guys had to choose the color. Glad you liked it! Cancer has touched us all in one way or another. It is not the death sentence it once was but we still lose too many from all types of cancers. Thanks for the visit! Happy anniversary again!

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  2. Oh Jo, I’m going through your archives and saw this one. It’s such a great way to pay tribute to those who have and are suffering with breast cancer. How cool is that process of temporarily dying the planes?! 🙂

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  3. Yes, it was really special that the maintenance guys on the Lex came up with idea. And it was so visible on the ship. Thanks so much for checking out my archives! I do that too sometimes on blogs I follow and often find gems. Cheers!


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