MONDAY MADNESS: The Coastal Crone’s Political Poll


Voting is serious, but this presidential election has been sad, crazy, wild, vulgar, funny, stupid, silly, unbelievable, entertaining, shallow, unpredictable and way too long in my humble opinion.  There are all sorts of polls from every angle to try to predict the popularity or  trust of the candidates by region, gender, income, age, ethnicity, education,  etc.   I have created my own simple poll, thanks to WordPress.

Participation is open to anyone who visits my blog (following is appreciated but not  required) and is not limited to legal United States citizens.  International participation is encouraged.  Polling is anonymous and comments do not have to reflect your choice unless you wish to do so but please keep them civil.  Thank you very much!

POLL NOTE:  If you want to view results, click on “View Results” which will show comments that do not show up in the regular “Comments.”  I do want want anyone to think I am blocking ANY comments!!   I think that comments that show up there are by those who may not be using WordPress.

29 thoughts on “MONDAY MADNESS: The Coastal Crone’s Political Poll

  1. Your election is unbelievable! I agree, too long, too costly, too crazy. Ours in Canada is over in a couple of months, start to finish. When I think of how that money could be spent…

    What’s outrageous is all the lies. How Hillary’s history has been twisted so much that too many believe the lies that Trump has told. He’s a master. Look how long he massaged the birther story. And because of Trump’s spin, there are many that still believe Obama is not American.

    It’s too bad Trump was given so much air time at the beginning. His followers believe he’s the next Messiah and is for them when all the evidence, all the facts, point out very clearly that he’s for no one but himself.

    I pray for our sake and yours that Hillary wins the presidential election.

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    • How I wish our election was only two months! People are tired of hearing all the promises on both sides and the money could be used for better things. Surely the candidates would prefer it as they would not have to raise so much money and the longer it goes the more chance there is for he or she to make mistakes. I am embarrassed by the vulgarity of this election. We will be even more divided if Hillary wins as Trump will say it was all rigged and she is not the legitimate president. She is not the perfect candidate but she will get my vote.


      • So true, Jo. If Hillary wins, Trump will blame something or someone. He is a dangerous man, whipping people up the way he does. I do believe the media gave him too big of a platform at the beginning because he is so entertaining and a huge Reality star. Without that kind of exposure, his message wouldn’t have resonated with so many.


    • I don’t pay much attention to polls but thought it would be fun to run one on my blog. From WordPress I couldn’t seem to find for sure how long it would run. We will all be glad when it is over! Even the primaries went on forever and had so many candidates. Thanks for adding an international thought, Andrea! It has been an embarrassment internationally!

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  2. I voted on your site and the official site…sorry for the confusion. As for the election, I’m no fan of any of the candidates. Each is horrible in his/her own right, and for me, the worst of the election is seeing the excuses that people come up with for the candidates of their choice. That, and the fear factor: “You must vote for my candidate, because the other one will ruin the world!” Scary times, indeed.

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    • I am a little confused myself, Ann, as I did not know you could go to another site to vote. I tried it and found two comments there that did not show up on this post. Yes, these are scary times. It would just be great if we could all get behind and respect the next president whether we voted for him or her. We are all in this together! I fear we will only be divided more. Thanks for sharing your opinion and concerns.

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      • I ordinarily don’t care for Facebook memes, but there is one floating around that says, essentially, that we are what makes our country what it is or isn’t, not the President. And I think that is more true that we realize. Presidents actually have very limited power and even less interaction with the average citizen. (They don’t even write their own speeches). It’s how we act, how we treat each other, and what causes we support that matter the most. I take comfort in that!

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    • Thanks, Gerlinde! And some are voting for Trump against Clinton. I just hope all accept the election results and somehow our country can come together but I don’t really expect that to happen. And we have to have faith in the checks and balances in place. Clinton is not the perfect candidate but i will vote for her too.


  3. There was a comment on Facebook saying that Trump may ot actually do very much as he’s a businessman and wants to continue making money. If he carries out his pledge to repeal a lot of Obama;s policies then he won’t be doing very much of anything for a while. A 2 year campaign that must really be some slog for the voters and the politicians.


    • Shadows, I have not seen that on Facebook but many people do not believe he will be able to carry out many of his campaign promises. We do still have laws in place to protect citizens and there are many things that have to come from Congress. I agree that he will want to continue to make money as he turns his businesses over to his children. Our President-elect will certainly have plenty of issues to deal with nationally and internationally! Unfortunately, the USA is still divided and I do not see him bringing people together. Our campaign is WAY to long! Thank you for taking time to comment. The election did not go as my poll indicated but then the national polls were wrong too. A pleasure to have you visit.


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