FRIDAY FOTO: Boobs and Betty Bombers


On Saturday, October 17, I participated in a walk to raise money for the American Cancer Society as a member of the BETTY BOMBERS team from the USS Lexington on the Bay Museum  where my daughter works.  Husband trailed along to take these photos.  My daughter and I walked in honor and in memory of my niece, CHERYL LYLES SMITH, who died in 2012 of cancer.  There were 16,000 walkers who raised $460,000; the BETTY BOMBERS raised $5,374.  Below are photos that Husband took  on a gloriously beautiful South Texas day. 

2015 10 17 Making Strides (108)

 2015 10 17 Making Strides (22)Some of the Betty Bombers getting ready to walk.

2015 10 17 Making Strides (1)Young walkers arriving.

2015 10 17 Making Strides (2)Pink Men from Radiology Associates, a sponsor.

2015 10 17 Making Strides (7)Walkers checking out the booths before the start.

2015 10 17 Making Strides (12)Harbor Bridge and floral sculpture

2015 10 17 Making Strides (13)The Water Garden was turned pink.

2015 10 17 Making Strides (17)Crone and Daughter

2015 10 17 Making Strides (24)Source of the “pink” fountain with the original part of the Art Museum in the background.

2015 10 17 Making Strides (26)Old Glory raised with a pink crane.

2015 10 17 Making Strides (30)They’re off and walking/running along the bay front!

2015 10 17 Making Strides (86)The pink gorilla in the walk.

2015 10 17 Making Strides (35)Cooks walking for a cure!  Their aprons read, “Cooking up a recipe for a cure!”

2015 10 17 Making Strides (87)The marina is in the background; many of the boats had pink flags.

2015 10 17 Making Strides (89)This blood hound and his parents wore tutus.

2015 10 17 Making Strides (118)We made it!  So did the pink gorilla!

2015 10 17 Making Strides (126)At the pink Corpus Christi fire truck with ribbons for each type of cancer.

2015 10 17 Making Strides (128)Husband/Photographer

This post is dedicated to those who survived breast cancer and to those who fought and lost and to all whose bodies have been marked with cancer of any type.

59 thoughts on “FRIDAY FOTO: Boobs and Betty Bombers

  1. Congrats on attending and finishing the walk. Love the name of your ‘team,’ and the passion and love for your niece that you show through your walk. The pink says it all…P.S. Great photos from your special photographer!!

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  2. What a wonderful day, your husband (handsome man) did a wonderful job of capturing the day. You and your daughter look a great deal alike, simply beautiful together. That we are still walking, still finding ways to raise money to find a cure for this scourge is a terrible legacy. I am sorry for your families loss, sorry that you must walk to honor this loss even as you do it with such grace.

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  3. Thank you! In some ways it was bitter sweet but life goes on & we will not let it rule us. My niece taught high school art so she would have approved of the creative spirit. I hope your school year is going eell. Thanks for sopping by.


    • How nice to hear from you, Jackie! Cancer touches too many of us but at least it is not the death sentence that it used to be. Yet we lose too many in the end to it and its threatens many of us. Take care and stay well, my friend!


  4. What a wonderful event, Well done you and ALL who took part.. 🙂 Loved all the photo’s from Hubby.. And such a needy cause.. My sister had a mastectomy when she was 36.. Thankfully she is still with us, her four young children kept her going I think..
    Love and Blessings and lovely to see so many supporting in the Pink! 🙂
    Hugs Sue


  5. I am sorry belatedly at the loss of your niece and hope the event brought lots of support for cancer research. I had a grandma who died of breast cancer. I have walked for cancer and have two breast cancer t-shirts. One is for The Race for the Cure and the other is BGSU Falcons Fight Cancer. I went yo Bowling Green for teaching elementary school. I spent 9 years in preschool teaching an integrated class of 8 children with special needs and 4 typically developing children. 🙂 My mentor and younger coworker, Jean, died at 42 of cancer. 😦

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  6. Belated congratulations for participating in this event. It is difficult not to get angry when I see the billions of dollars wasted on our disastrous foreign policy while this filthy disease continues to wreak havoc with people’s lives.



  8. Way to go, taking part in such an important event, and then showing us all about it! By the way, your daughter looks so much like you 🙂 I sound just like my mom but we look quite different, I think ❤

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