Celebrating the Autumn Equinox with Honeymoon Mead


The word “honeymoon” originated from the tradition of giving newly weds a moon’s supply (month’s) of mead on their wedding night. This sweet mead is balanced by a delicate oaking in bourbon. Complex & rich in taste. – From the website of Rohan Meadery



MEAD: An alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water, sometimes with various fruits, spices, grains or hops.  The alcoholic content ranges from about 8% to more than 20%.  The defining characteristic of mead is that the majority of the beverages’s fermentable sugar is derived from honey.  It may be still, carbonated, or naturally sparkling; dry, semi-sweet, or sweet.  Mead was produced in ancient history thoughout Europe, Africa and Asia. (Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago Husband and I took a day trip to Rohan Meadery, a small meadery situated between the south central Texas towns of La Grange, Round Top and Fayetteville.  We enjoy visiting wineries but had never been to a meadery and did not know that Texas has seven meaderies of which Rohan Meadery is the oldest.  There is a modest tasting room where we sampled five each.  We found most to be too sweet for us, but we did find that the Honeymoon mead was quite good –  smoothly semi-sweet yet dry but with a hint of something stronger.   The meadery has its own bee hives and chickens range freely.


Our alter set to celebrate the Autumn Equinox this evening.

While in the area we also visited the Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center  and the Monument Hill and Kreische Brewery State Historic Sites  Just outside of La Grange is where the Chicken Ranch, made famous by the movie “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” starring Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds, was located.  Apparently the descendants of the Germans and Czechs that settled in the area in the mid-1800s were fairly tolerant of prostitution at the time.

May you find peace and light as we begin another season and embrace the beauty and possibilities of each day.  Cheers!



37 thoughts on “Celebrating the Autumn Equinox with Honeymoon Mead

    • Yes, it was a good day trip. My mother-in-law made kolaches too and I have made them once or twice. I knew that some Czechs went that up that way. They really seemed to love and honor their old homeland but certainly embraced and loved this country.


    • And I have always associated mead with old England too! It was a nice surprise to find it in Texas where beer seems to be the national drink. Thanks for stopping to share the season Our falls here are not very special to see so one must celebrate still! Cheers for the season!

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    • Well, I was surprised when I found out that there was one in Texas too. However, the wineries outnumber the meaderies and beer drinkers probably outnumber wine drinkers! Interesting that you should associate the color of honey with September. Perhaps it has something to do with lovely fall colors you probably see. Always a pleasure to have you contribute!

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    • I never expected to be able to try it either as I didn’t think anyone made it. We bought another bottle, “Honey Wine Apple,” to have for the the spring equinox. After the heat of the summer cooler weather (down to the 80s!) is reason to celebrate and have hope for the fall.


    • Yes, it does seem a bit magical and medievial but would have never thought it could be found in Texas. I am not surprised to find it in Vermont. And I should have know that The Tin Man dabbled in mead making many moons ago as he is known as a epicurean! Cheers!


  1. A great time of year for a saunter!
    Growing up we all knew about the Chicken Ranch – and the real Marvin Zindler. That they made a movie out of it was such a giggle.
    My best friend’s family was Czech – we used to go visit her grandparents’ farm in that area- such food!
    Fall is arriving – finally. Enjoy!


    • Wasn’t it a double hoot for those of us who knew about the real Marin Zindler!!! I could do a post just on the real Chicken Ranch. The area is so beautiful and was really green when we went. The Czech/German food is fantastic! Here we feel fall is arriving as it was about 72 this morning and only got up to the mid and high eighties. We will certainly enjoy as I know you will further up the road from us. The skies here have been clear with little humidity – good hair days.

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  2. One Christmas many many many years ago I attempted to make my own mead to give away as cheery seasonal gifts to my friends… unfortunately I ended up drinking all the test batches myself and nobody got any…. fortunately, I learned my lesson and I didn’t try that again!!!

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  3. Now that would have made different homemade Christmas gifts! You were brave to attempt mead, I would never have tried it know to keep my homemade Christmas gifts simple or just go buy them. Thanks for sharing your mead story. One blogger said he made some successfully years ago but then he is a chef. Cheers!

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