“Wintering in Port Aransas” by Steve Russell

 I Pledge Allegiance to the Earth
And to the Universal Spirit
Which gives us Life;
One Planet, Indivisible
Peace and Justice for Us All.

I Pledge to do my Best
To uphold the Trust bestowed
In the Gift of my Life;
To care for Our Planet
And our Atmosphere,
To Respect and Honor
All her Inhabitants,
All People, Animals,
Plants and Resources,
To Create a Legacy
For Our Children
And Our Children’s Children
In a World of Harmony and Love.

I Pledge Allegiance
To the Universal Spirit,
By whatever Name it may be called.
I align my Life
With the ongoing Process
of Creation;
To grow Myself with Care,
To Act from My Own Integrity,
To Be for Others
How I would want them
To Be for Me.

May We carry this Vision
Into our Hearts,
Into our Daily Choices,
And through Our
Expanding Consciousness
Within and Beyond Our Planet.

Edna Reitz, 1988

 NOTE: Several months ago I found this pledge from a 2011 post on the blog, The Native HeartLight, and saved it for an Earth Day post.  Since then I have not been able to find out anything more about Edna Reitz ,who was given credit for it on a poster, or the pledge itself.  Perhaps she got it from someone else.  I attempted to contact the author of the blog but never received an answer. If anyone knows anything about it, please share.  I still liked it and wanted to share it.

28 thoughts on “A PLEDGE FOR EARTH DAY

    • Yes, one sees so much disregard for our Earth home and sometimes for each other, but I have to believe that there is hope. There are those out there like you that care for the land and care about love, beauty, life and tolerance. Peace and love to you, Tin Man! You give me hope!


  1. I was kind of thinking the same thing about the author never having been a part of the online world. Possible she was a friend or family member of the person who wrote the article you read. Regardless, this is a great poem. Reading your post also reminds me that I need to enter a reminder for a couple weeks before Earth Day 2016, so I have time to plan on doing something. Glad you found my Earth Day blog post. 🙂


    • Yes, you should enter a reminder for Earth Day next year. It doesn’t seem to get the attention that it used to get. And I didn’t seem much about it on WordPress blogs but will have to check that out to encourage others. I am glad you like the poem also – not matter who wrote it. Thanks for taking time to stop and comment! Best wishes to you and yours!

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