This is an old post from 2015 but I still like the message for Earth Day 2023.


img006 “Wintering in Port Aransas” by Steve Russell

 I Pledge Allegiance to the Earth
And to the Universal Spirit
Which gives us Life;
One Planet, Indivisible
Peace and Justice for Us All.

I Pledge to do my Best
To uphold the Trust bestowed
In the Gift of my Life;
To care for Our Planet
And our Atmosphere,
To Respect and Honor
All her Inhabitants,
All People, Animals,
Plants and Resources,
To Create a Legacy
For Our Children
And Our Children’s Children
In a World of Harmony and Love.

I Pledge Allegiance
To the Universal Spirit,
By whatever Name it may be called.
I align my Life
With the ongoing Process
of Creation;
To grow Myself with Care,
To Act from My Own Integrity,
To Be for Others
How I would want them
To Be for Me.

May We carry this Vision
Into our Hearts,
Into our Daily Choices,
And through…

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21 thoughts on “A PLEDGE FOR EARTH DAY

    • Thanks, Diana, the Earth connects us all. I remember the very first Earth Day and my children remember being aware of it in school back then. I was glad to see there were several local celebrations for it.


    • Isn’t it just lovely? It contains a bit of everything in a very subdued way. It was a post card that I bought (like a tourist!) at my local HEB. I don’t know what I did with it. Maybe I mailed it to someone. I would love to have a print. Maybe I will look for one.

      I hope you have stayed safe this Sunday. We have gotten lots of rain here today with a little wind but no hail as some to the north of us have gotten. My rain barrels are full! Thanks for stopping by.

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      • No weather here to speak of. It’s very cool and dreary, and there have been some sprinkles and wind, but that’s it. It’s a good day to huddle inside around the warmth of the computer screen!

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