Still celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Texas but maybe next year in London!

Crone and Son 1995

Crone and Son in London, May 5, 1995

Twenty years ago Husband, Son and I spent Cinco de May in London

and celebrated at the Texas Embassy Cantina with margaritas and mariachis.

Since then every Cinco de Mayo I say, “Next year in London!”

Alas, another year has passed without returning to London.

In 2012 I wrote a post about celebrating Cinco de May in London.

Here is the link for those who missed it and may be interested.

Unfortunately, as far as I know the Texas Embassy Cantina  is closed, but I would settle for another trip to London.

19 thoughts on “Still celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Texas but maybe next year in London!

  1. When we lived in Texas we enjoyed Cinco de Mayo — but up here in New England, I went the whole day yesterday without even remembering what day it was.

    We’re thinking of traveling to Europe next year. Not sure whether to make England/London part of the tour (I prefer to see less, and to explore what I do see more deeply). What are your favorite things about London?


    • Well, I am glad my post reminded you that it was Cinco de Mayo! How fortunate for you to be planning a trip to Europe! I have been twice to London and saw the usual – Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Greenwich, theatre, parks, Shakespeare’s home, Kensington Place, etc. We stayed in a small hotel where we could walk to the Undergrand and felt as if we were part of the neighborhood.

      If we went back I would want to go to Bath and the Lake District. I agree that it is better to see less and explore more deeply without that rush of having to see everything. Have a great trip! Thanks for stopping by my humble blog.


    • London is on my again list, Sue! Corpus Christi had some flooding about a week ago but we are on a bluff so we were spared. My rain barrels are full and my herbs are happy! Saturday afternoon we were coming home from the Hill Country and got caught in awful rainstorms but made it safely home. Sadly lives were lost on Monday in that area and later in Houston. I think our drought has been broken but sad for so many. Thanks for asking! I hope all is well with you and yours.

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      • Yes my heart is with all who are suffering the storms and floods.. Here in England we had severe flooding two years ago which hit homes in many parts of the UK.. Some had only just made repairs and moved back in from a year previously, of floods.. So I so sympathise with those affected.. So pleased to hear you escaped and your plants are happy and rain barrels full.. 🙂


  2. I am thinking about being in London in May, 2017 for a BIG birthday! I was there in 2012 for another BIG birthday… it’s usually pretty good weather that time of year… if you don’t mind a little rain. Hope you make it next year!

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  3. Hi,
    I am very interested in England. I teach English history. I am actually going to England for the second time this summer.
    I know several people here. It’s exciting that we are in the same community. Thank you for visiting my site Reflections just now. I am glad you liked my post about recycling previous blog posts. Nice to meet you.


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