Where is my iPad?


Do you remember Etch-a-Sketch?  My children had them,,  They came in mighty handy for road trips to help keep them entertained.  Mine were a girl and boy three years apart so keeping them from arguing in the back seat was important!

SHE:  Mother, he touched me!

HE:  Did not!  She made a face at me!

Today kids have all sorts of devices to keep them entertained on the road at any age.  The older ones can watch TV or movies, talk or text with their friends or surf the Internet.  The youngest ones are safely strapped in their car seats and can watch the latest movies on the built-in devices or hold one in their hands to watch, play or learn.

I found this image on a post titled “How Easy is Change?” by blogger Eric Tonningsen.  In his post he uses the Etch-a-Sketch as a metaphor for change.  Remember how it worked?  If you didn’t like the way your creation turned out or you just wanted to try something different, you gave it and shake and started all over with a clean slate.  Wouldn’t it be grand if change in our lives were so simple?

Eric writes in this post, “… it’s as easy as reviewing what you have created in your life. If you aren’t jazzed with what you’re facing, turn it upside down, shake things up a little, and move forward. Clean and fresh.”

He then goes on to give us three starters for consideration to effect changes.  His blog is called “Awakening Awareness.”  He doesn’t preach or pretend to have all the answers for everyone, but he does gently nudge us to think and find practical answers for ourselves from a mature viewpoint.  Check out his blog sometime if you want a little encouragement and inspiration.

Oh, I’m not really out of wine.  It is the height of hurricane season here.  We have no bottled water, but we do have plenty of wind and candles.  I feel smugly prepared.

Cheers to change!  And I do not own an iPad.

32 thoughts on “Where is my iPad?

  1. I remember that smug snug feeling during hurricane season in Fla.! “Wish I was there.” That would certainly shake up things so we could start afresh. A great post coastalcrone. I don’t own an iPad and dunno where all the etch a sketches went either. So with or without wine – Cheers to you too for Change!


  2. If you get two comments from me it’s because WP has revolted. I suppose even wordpress can get overwhelmed with technological change. Did want to compliment you on your iPad-EtchaSketch comparisons. A shake up and clean slate might be a good thing about now. I don’t own an iPad and the etch a sketches of my life have disappeared. Nevertheless, add my toast to yours – “Cheers” to change.
    And good luck through hurricane season. Stay snug and smug. 🙂


    • Two comments from you are always welcome! Eric gets the credit for the comparisons. I have a laptop and a flip phone but that is all I need for now. I got rid of the Etch-a-Sketch too in some cleaning mood. We have bee fortunate for many years to dodge hurricanes. So many have headed up the East Coast. Today we are having more welcome rain and down to the cool 80s. Enjoy your beautiful fall!


  3. well, I do own an iPad (mini) and use it as my camera, my library, my GPS. and booking device as we travel about, since we never have an itinerary. Now I enjoy lying in bed to read the marvelous blog entries of my friends, as I am doing now. I miss the simple days of the Etch-a-Sketch. I often reflect and ponder if I would change anything in my life and always decide that I would not. Even if the fabric of my life is not always woven tightly or smoothly, even if the pattern is mismatched in places, it is a most comfortable fabric and it fits me well. I so enjoy your posts!


    • I could have guessed that you are happy with the fabric of your life as it seems an interesting mosaic. Perhaps velvet? I have a laptop and flip phone which is all I need. Husband has a flip phone, laptop, two Kindles and some sort of tablet that he uses for travel sometimes and uses it as you do.. He is the technical one as he sometimes does computer contract work. He is my personal IT support and help desk. Are you enjoying champagne in bed? I hope you are getting some of this rain.


      • Oh, my dearest Crone! We have returned from our lives as Leaf Peepers, what a journey we had. Hope all is well with you. The rains are continuing and our parched Earth does so look happier. I have decided that perhaps it is best to not live in New England……..I gained ten pounds in two weeks!!!! What a glorious trip we had! It was also our first time flying Southwest and guess what!!!……….we like it.

        Best to you and the good husband!


  4. Always a little bit contrary, I’m not sure I agree that life back then was simpler. I actually think it’s simpler now because kids these days have all sorts of gizmos to do their thinking for them – result, most of them can’t think their way out of a paper bag. Back in the simpler days we had to think and use our imaginations to entertain ourselves. Simpler in the sense of technology maybe, but minds developed better. Nice post, got me ranting a bit 🙂


    • It was simpler in the sense that we did not rely on all the technical devices that we do today. It was more manual and we did have to figure things out for ourselves. We don’t have GPS and still use maps. And I don’t want a car that talks to me. And I don’t want an app for everything. Don’t get me ranting! Eric was mainly referring to personal changes we can make. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  5. I am smiling having read your post, JoNell, because: 1) You do not own an iPad (nor do I) and; 2) You are well stocked with wine. The latter is so critically important. 🙂

    More importantly, however, thank you for your very thoughtful words about my blog. What I choose to share may not resonate with all who read it, yet the ability to encourage and inspire people is my chosen labor of love. Posts simply give me a forum in which to share.

    Here’s to so many good memories that Etch-A-Sketch’s yielded, and still do today!


    • Oh, I am so pleased that you like the post referring back to you! It really does give inspiration and encouragement and I always enjoy reading through I have missed many. You do well with your caring labor of love. Thank you so much for stopping by my humble blog! Cheers!


  6. I did have an Etch-A-Sketch.. and loved using it.. in fact it may still be in the loft somewhere as It was a prized possession even when I first got married, I think I almost wore out its mechanism. I love Eric’s posts, very motivational 🙂


  7. I loved my Etch-A-Sketch when I was a youngin’. Do you think we have lost something in translation? Except without all this wonderful and fancy technology we wouldn’t find each other in this wide world.

    I miss the coast, even with the hurricanes!


  8. Yes, I think we have lost something in translation. But I don’t want to give up the technology that I have grown to depend upon. I pick and choose what works for me. The coast is not a bad place to be even with some of the disadvantages. We have been fortunate the last few years to have missed the hurricanes but they are always a threat. I hope you are doing well these days!


  9. The thing I never liked about Etch-a-sketches was that, if you made a mistake, you had to destroy the whole picture and start again. I really, really don’t like to wad something up and throw it away if any part of it can be saved. Probably a metaphor for my life, really.


  10. I never thought of it that way! There was another device for children but was rather like a slate and you used a stylus to draw or write and then you pealed it away and could start over. Hadn’t thought of that for years. I don’t like to waste things either and will save scraps of paper to use again. Thanks for taking time to visit and comment as you are so busy these days!


  11. A really enjoyable and funny post, Jo Nell. I had forgotten the Etch-A-Sketch. I think even Charlie had one so they are still around. I was bad at it! The metaphor works. If we could shake up our lives and start over, would we? I don’t think so. If something didn’t work, I simply jumped another way. That’s sort of like starting over, I suppose. Only a horse will keep rubbing against a nail in a fence and complain about it! Chuckle… Yes, the rain was absolutely wonderful. I was sitting on the porch about two o’clock one morning when I smelled it coming. I love the rain! 🙂


    • I read your comment but somehow failed to reply. Only you would be up at two o’clock in the morning to enjoy the rain! At our age we have had to start over many times and find something else that works. I had not heard the one about the horse – but true and some people don’t know when to stop rubbing that nail!

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  12. Like George I wasn’t any good at Etch a Sketch (I’ve never been very good with visuals and coordination isn’t my best quality either). But as a metaphor it works very well indeed. It would be great for wrinkles! Thanks!


    • I am not very physically coordinated and I don’t even do games online. Thanks for taking time to read and comment. I am learning to accept new wrinkles at this age but an erase would be nice!


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