After days of endless searing heat we have beautiful rain today!  It may not be enough to break the drought, but it is welcome relief.  Husband and I had coffee on the veranda and put out extra containers to catch the rain water and rejoiced that the rain barrel would be replenished.

I love the rain.  Perhaps that comes from growing up in South Texas where rain is usually scarce.  I remember the severe drought of the 1950s when ranchers asked the preacher to pray for rain and put a little extra in the offering plate while contributing secretly to a plan to seed the clouds.  Rain was always critical to my father as a rancher.  He would stop whatever he was doing and watch it rain  As a child I learned to do the same, and  I can still remember the smell of the first drops of rain on dry, dusty ground.

Today I still appreciate the rain as we are in Stage II for lawn watering restrictions because of the current drought across Texas.  We don’t want a hurricane but a little disturbance in the gulf that would bring us some moisture is always welcome.  So far our rain gauge measures 3.4 inches and it is still coming down.  Thank you Chac, the Rain God!

The illustration I used came from Facebook, but I did not know the source.



  1. Only the other day I was trying to tell a friend how I loved rainy days and he couldn’t understand. I have less excuse than you in a way, living in Ireland and I don’t like when it rains for weeks but since I spent some time in Africa I developed a new appreciation of what we call ‘soft days’. Lovely post and thanks you for the new word…


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    While we are on the subject of rain – I don’t think that I am a Pluviophile having lived in Ireland for several years (lovely country but suspiciously green grass) However, I agree during the June to end of September the odd day of rain is welcome and the garden appreciates it far more than out of the hose for some reason…thanks to the Coastal Crone


    • Oh, my! Thank you for the reblog! I suppose I would get tired of it if it rained more even in green Ireland. My plants do seem to prefer precious rain water. My grandmother used to save it to wash her hair back in the days before conditioners. Your visit is appreciated!

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  3. The rain is a soothing companion. I get a little excited when I wake up, look out the window to find a dark and stormy brewing above. You’re right. This heat is oppressive, though I daily force myself to thank God for the warm sun, and remember how fortunate I am to live in a region of the world that experiences only the mildest effects of our seasons. It’s so easy to get cranky and ungrateful and turn a nose to the beauty surrounding me every second of the day.
    What a treat – sitting on the porch with Husband, listening to the tin-plink-plink-tin of rain collecting in a canister. 🙂


    • “It was a dark and stormy night…” You probably get inspired to write, Cara. Your California weather is lovely and beauty is everywhere. Hubbies are nice, aren’t they? Enjoy your weekend whatever the weather.


  4. I like to watch a good storm now and then. I have even been known, in my younger and wilder days, to dance in a field in the rain between lightening. Now days though, I think if my patio were covered I might, like you sit outside and simply celebrate it was raining again.



  5. This post brings back memories of rain drops hitting the tin roof on my parents farmhouse. I loved the listening to the sound of the raindrops, and thought it was the most relaxing sound.


  6. Well for land’s sake!!! RAIN……….good golly! ……..and so much of it! Next time you see Chac, you tell him he best get his behind up to the Hill County cause we are dry as a bone! I am so very happy for you. As one who shares your roots, I too always stop to watch and listen to the rain. Rejoicing in your rain and hoping that someday, some year, some rain shall come our way!


    • Yes, I did feel a twinge of guilt that we were getting it down on the coast and you were not. But your time will come, Tin Man, so stay inside when it does so you will not rust! I am always glad to see rain in the Hill Country to fill those lakes. We were so excited about the rain that Husband ordered another rain barrel so we will be prepared for next time. i just wanted to catch all that I could. Enjoy your beautiful part of Texas!


  7. Hard to believe – here we are living on the West Coast – rain forest climate – and last night I was so happy to hear rain on the roof. I multiply my joy a hundred times to appreciate how terribly hot and dry it has been for you Jo Nell. XX V.


  8. We had a beautiful summer in NYC. We were lucky. I go back to work tomorrow and the humidity and heat are awful. Always fun with 30 kids in a classroom! Today we are having some booming thunderstorms moving through. I love the sounds!


  9. No rain at all here on the California Coast. I hope we get some this fall and winter. I love a soft gentle rain but not the heavy storms we sometimes get. I’m glad you are getting some rain and thank you for teaching me a new word. Now all I have to do is to remember it. What was that word again?


  10. I love this word and post! Today we watched the clouds, rain, wind, thunder and lightning roll in from the east. In thirty minutes to temps dropped from 100 to just below 80. The leaves were falling and the cows took cover under the trees.


    • It was a new word for me. I am glad that you got some rain to cool things down. And 80 is cool in Texas. If you have cows, you need rain. We sometimes take a glass of wine and sit on the veranda if it rains! It is nice to hear from you!


  11. Love the picture and quote.. and yes rainy days are something here in the UK we have to put up with whether we like them or not. I can only imagine how nice it is to get rain when you have had a long drought.. I love the rain, And can spend lots of time watching it.. And do not mind walking out in it either..

    Hope you had enough to replenish.. 🙂


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