Just for fun – Summer Scenes on my Veranda

With the official arrival of summer on the calendar I thought I would post some pictures taken on my veranda.  It is a nice spot to enjoy a second cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine in the cool of the evening.  The golden-fronted woodpecker and his mate are gone, but one lone hummingbird is still hanging around.  (Click on the photos below for larger views.)


Fountain and Bromeliad

This bromeliad just opened completely this week and will last for several weeks.  Husband took the flower/fountain shots.

Close-up of bromeliad bloom

Do you see a face in this one?  I see a face, eyes, nose, hair and beard.  It  looks a bit  like Yosemite Sam from the Warner Brothers cartoons or perhaps King Neptune.

Wiccan in a pot by the fountain

I took this one of my cat, Wiccan, as she relaxed safely up high in a large pot on the left side the fountain.  She often leaps gracefully to the fountain for a drink of water.  She is twelve years old and will probably be my last cat.

June is the beginning of the hurricane season.  Will this be the year that a major one hits our area?  We have been spared for many years.  If one comes, we will bring Wiccan inside and roll down the shutters.  In the meantime I will embrace  summer.   May you enjoy the summer days wherever you live!

20 thoughts on “Just for fun – Summer Scenes on my Veranda

  1. Wiccan is an unusual cat and no one else would tolerate her so I have to outlive her! Thanks for the compliments on the bromeliad. I had the orginal one years ago and have raised the pups.. The only bloom once and then they have the pups. Is there a message for us?


  2. These are lovely, Jonel, and you are quite right about that spot. What a wonderful place to enjoy a cup of coffee and awaken with the morning.

    Your Wiccan is a pretty girl, too. I had a laugh seeing how she curled right up in the pot. Adorable.

    Hope you’re well, friend,

    ~ Cara


  3. Your Bromeliad is really pretty. Mine have bloomed too. They really don’t ask for much, do they? I suppose that and the fact that they surprise me with a bloom that lasts so long is why I always kept several. Wiccan is a beautiful cat who does not look old at all. I think you’re going to have to live a very long time! 🙂 It was so hot in Victoria today that I worried about a severe storm. I’m afraid we’ll get one this time. Enjoy the veranda early in the mornings!


  4. Beautiful … love your cat there! Cats are just so awesome! 😀 (By the way … I found you because of the Like you left me which I so appreciate. I look forward to keeping up with your posts!)


    • Yes, cats are special! Thanks for liking some of my posts and deciding to follow. I found yours via “The Retiring Sort.” I meant to follow yours after I left the like but got distracted. I will go back and follow! Good luck on your photography – I admire those who are serious about it.


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