FRIDAY FOTO: Desert Bird of Paradise

This is a Desert Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia gilliesii) in our backyard that I grew from a seed I planted in the spring of this year. I was surprised that it was blooming by the end of the summer.

It was hit hard by three nights of a hard freeze and lost all of its leaves. I was afraid it would not come back because it was not well established yet, or so I thought. This “Pretty Bird,” as I call it, has already put out new growth! I think it was be fine as long as we don’t have another hard freeze.


Photo by Husband

45 thoughts on “FRIDAY FOTO: Desert Bird of Paradise

      • Well glad it worked out for you
        And side note
        There is a tugs pose called bird of paradise and I finally was able to do it a few years ago – and it is way easier on my left side
        – it is kind of like a standing leg lift – Ana this – enjoyed your beautiful variation of this flower

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  1. What an interesting, pretty plant. It reminds me of some tree/shrub I occasionally see with orange, yellow, and red flowers, but of course I can’t remember that one’s name. Good for you for managing to get this one to thrive. If it’s putting out new growth already, I’ll bet it will recover.

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    • You are probably thinking of a Mexican Bird of Paradise that makes a nice bush. They really do well here and are often used in landscaping and provide plenty of color.

      I thought new growth was a good sign. We got two tenths of an inch of rain last week and it is sunny today. All the plants should love it. Live oaks are beginning to lose their leaves.

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    • I remember having one at the side of our old house at Freer and was determined to find some. I never knew where my mother got one, but I someone must have shared seeds or a plant. No local nurseries had any here and and I was able to order seeds. I think they are Freer-tough! Thanks for stopping by, Carolyn!


    • No, it would not do well up where you are, but they are tougher that I thought when it comes to freezing temps. Right now they are loving sunshine and temps pushing 90s. Grateful we don’t live in other places in the US that are getting blizzards.


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