• Thanks! It was before the cold crash! We are wimps for the cold. This was Wednesday and it was cool but mild with no north wind. It will be below freezing for another couple of nights. We will be having our fire inside.

      I am just now seeing these comments as I only received email for likes, no email for comments. I am still having problems making likes and comments and most blogs where I got email for new posts have stopped. Will work on that after the holidays. Wishing you joy, peace and new adventures in 2023!

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    • Wishing you, the Producer, Lucy and Twiggy a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, John. We were having fun that evening and being grateful for another year and simple pleasures. It was before the Arctic Blast it with cool but mild temps and no north wind. We will be having our fire inside tonight as it will be below freezing for another two nights.

      I started your latest book last night – quite a ride so far. Good luck on the launch!

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    • Oh, thank you, Diana! We try to make the most of the seasons and are grateful for all that we have and another year. May 2023 bring some peace for Ukraine! And joy and peace for your and Robert too. I hope the rest of your family make it home.


    • Thanks, Carolyn! Briar Cottage is our home here in Portland on Briar Street. We just started calling it that and it stuck. It is a modest three-bedroom brick about a block from the Nueces Bay on a bluff. It was new when we moved in 45 years ago. We have considered moving but haven’t found the right place.

      Cats don’t always appreciate being brought in from the cold! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am late replying because a notification issue.


    • Thanks! Right now it is too cold for us to be outside with a fire. A fire in the fireplace inside will have to do. The freezing weather did not make it this far to South Texas this time. Stay safe and warm in your freezing midwest. Thanks for stopping by!


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