“Let It Snow” or “Stayin’ Home”

With colder weather hitting parts of the country, including snow in some places, I thought it would be a good time to share this parody of “Let It Snow” that Husband wrote.  His clever ditties and songs always make me smile.  And these days I am grateful for anything that makes me smile.  At the end there is a rendition of the song by Dean Martin, one of my favorites.  The thermometer on our patio this morning read 50 degrees – cold for us.  Enjoy whatever your weather and stay well!

This was taken at Briar Cottage on Christmas Day 2004 when we had a rare snow.

Stayin’ Home

Oh, the Covid outside is frightful,
But inside Briar Cottage it’s delightful,
And since we can’t go out to roam,
We’re stayin’ home, stayin’ home, stayin’ home!

In spite of what Trump might say,
Covid won’t just go away.
And even though you might use bleach to clean,
It won’t protect you like a vaccine!

So I’ll wear a mask while shoppin’,
To protect you if I’m breathing deep or coughin’,
And even though it breaks my heart,
When were together we’ll be six feet apart!


63 thoughts on ““Let It Snow” or “Stayin’ Home”

  1. That is clever — my compliments to the lyricist! We’re sitting at 52 right now, and that’s going to be about it for the day. It’s finally stopped drizzling, so I’m off to see if my varnish was ruined by yesterday afternoon’s rain. It’s always something.

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  2. Wonderful Jo! Does your husband also have a voice like Dean Martin? 🙂 Great sentiment. It’s awful how dramatically our lives have changed.

    Just listened to Stephen Colbert’s interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. He compared the US stats today for no. of deaths to the no. of deaths from the 1918 Spanish flu. Factoring the differences in population, the US mortality rate is the same today as it was then. He mentioned again if America had done what South Korea, Japan, Australia and many other countries had done–implementing masks, social distance, contact tracing, testing–the death toll today would be just about 20,000 in USA instead of what it is.

    Glad you and your husband are paying attention to what the health experts are saying.

    I wish more of the population would get on board so that we could all get through this nightmare faster. It doesn’t help that the leader of the most powerful country in the world is setting such a bad example. Tragic! I also think, criminal.

    We hope your election goes well. It’s frankly scary at what we’re seeing on TV. All the angles that the Republicans are playing to keep themselves in power. It’s unconscionable how difficult voting is in your democracy. It shouldn’t be that way. We’re so impressed that people are staying in line, in some cases up to 11 hrs. (???) just to ensure their vote. Can’t imagine how they’re doing it. That’s commitment and a true love of country.

    Stay safe and healthy. Hugs.

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    • No, he doesn’t sound like Dean Martin, but he does have a good voice and plays the guitar. We don’t get out much and don’t really like wearing a mask or face covering but think it is necessary as numbers are going up. And it is mandatory in most places.

      Early voting has been amazing. People waiting in long lines and not giving up. It seems the election brought many of us together on that. We voted by mail-in ballot for the first time for the primary election earlier in the year. Then we received mail-in ballot for the November election. We trust the post office but decided to vote in early in person and only had to wait about 30 minutes.

      The current president has been a failure; his handling of Covid has been only one one of many. He has undermined our democracy by casting doubt on the election and will cry foul if he loses.

      Thanks for your perspective of the US from Canada. Stay tuned and stay safe!


    • Always interesting to hear how Covid is compared to the 1918-1920 flu.
      The 1918 flu, by conservative estimates, killed 50 million people (world population 1.8 billion). So far, Covid has killed 1.16 million people (world population 7.5 billion). If we are at, say, 1/2 time in all this and twice this number of people die, Covid will still have been far less lethal than the 1918 flu in deaths as a percent of the population. (The WHO says, by the way, that between 290,000 to 650,000 people die from the seasonal flu each year.)
      In the USA, the conservative estimate is that 675,000 people died in the 1918 flu (population 103 million). As of today, the American population is 330 million and the death toll from Covid is 233,000. (The CDC says annual mortality from the seasonal flu is 12,000 to 61,000 each year even with vaccines.) Even if Covid deaths were to double, they would still be less that the 1918 flu in relation to the population.
      While blaming the leader of the country is a natural impulse, in the USA and Canada, the lockdowns, masking, etc are the responsibility of each state and province. (Six US states did not mandate lockdowns.)

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      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on 1918 and 2020 outbreaks. The response has been left mainly to the states, true, but the leader of a country has some responsibility to guide the nation. And of course we as individuals must take responsibility for our choices. Stay well and thanks for stopping by!


      • Always a pleasure to visit other places and perspectives through blogs!
        The virus appears to be pretty equal when it comes to politics. 49% of the deaths are in states that voted for Hillary, 51% in states that voted Trump!

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  3. Fantastic ditty! Too bad Dean isn’t still around to sing it. I think it would be a best-seller right now. Oh, and right now it’s snowing in the Boston area, and has been for the past 10 hours. I’m not in the mood to sing “let it snow” – October 30 is too soon!

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  4. Your husband’s Stayin’ Home is wonderful, clever indeed. Thank you for sharing with us. I love Dan Martin’s Let it Snow. My brother said that Bangkok has only one case in a few months. Everyone wears a mask.

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    • Thanks! C-19 is about the same in our area, going up slightly, and deaths going down. Hospitals are handling cases well. Other Texas cities are hard hit. Husband and i go out for groceries and essentials and when necessary. But generally we are staying home with mild weather and grateful for that. Hope all is well with you! Thanks for the visit.

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  5. Dearest Jo Nell, Snow glorious snow. We enjoy it from a distance. This morning the mountains are shimmering with freshly fallen snow. Down here on the farm all is lush green from the seemingly never ending rain. We love it all. It will be a quiet Christmas. Only those living in your home can be in your home AT ANY TIME until January 8th. It will a Zoom visit with our son and his wife. A million good wishes for a happy holiday and a positive new year./ XXXXX Virginia

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    • How wonderful just to view it shimmering on your mountains. It is lovely to look at but I prefer warm weather. Our winters are mild. We could use some rain as we are almost in a drought.

      Christmas here will be quiet too with only Daughter coming over. Son lives in Houston and has been able to work at home with his new contract job. Canada is really strict! We are just discouraged from gathering for the holidays and many ignore it. Bill and I don’t get out much at all. We have been careful this far, so we will continue to do so. May the vaccine bring relief to many soon.

      Good wishes to you also – may 2021 bring good things to you! And I hope Larry is mending! Hugs, my friend!


      • Jo Nell, dear friend. I would be so happy to send you our rainy. Like you I enjoy looking at the snow but after so many years or living on the prairies (frequently with minus twenty or thirty below zero), I will take the rain. It is lovely your daughter will be with you for Christmas. I am pea green with envy. But I take heart that this a light at the end of this tunnel. Tomorrow they will start administering the vaccine here in BC. Because of my age it will be receiving it probably sometime early in January.

        Larry continues to progress and his rehabilitation is going slowly and surely … a little better each day. It is going take quite a few more months.

        Big hugs and an armful of wishes for a happy holiday to you and Bill. XXXXOOOO Virginia

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    • Thanks, Christy! Yes, we have to do these things for each other. We can be together in spirit too and people are finding ways to be together to celebrate events safely. But Husband and I will be staying home mostly except for essential outings. Happy holidays to you!

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  6. Oh my goodness, I love the song! The ‘six feet apart’ line is a gem! 😉
    I am very disappointed in humanity these days. Here in Ireland, with the population of 5.5 millions, 184 people died in the last 5 days. Half of those who didn’t get the virus yet doesn’t believe it exists. I have no words, it is so depressing. I will do some karaoke with your husband’s verses. It may help me to stay positive 😉

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