Photo borrowed from the Facebook page of the USS Lexington Museum on the Bay

Tex, the Longhorn steer, recently visited the USS Lexington on Corpus Christi Bay for a first-ever fundraiser for the WWII aircraft carrier.  It was a show streamed live on the ship’s Facebook page from the flight deck and featured Brian Black and his band.  Yes, he is related to Clint Black (brother) and plays country music.  Tex was available for photos as he was saddled up, literally, for a good cause.  This historic ship was closed for two months because of COVID-19 but it is now open for visitors.

In December the Lexington will host another fundraiser on the flight deck.  This time it will be put on by the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) and will benefit charities that support the military and their families.  The event will be  professional bull riding right on the flight deck. Yes, real bull riding by real cowboys.  Only in Texas!

Link to the Lexington website is here.



    • This Longhorn was named Tex, not Bevo! ha! I just worry about them getting the bulls up via their elevator designed to take planes up and down. But the PBR state they have had bull riding in unusual places. We’ll see. Corpus Christi is big on rodeos when they come to town.

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    • Yes, what would we do with out our computers to take us away? So many events and fundraisers seem to be virtual. Staying well so far but we don’t get out much. Weather is cooling down to the 80s and low 90s so that is the beginning of fall for us. Looking forward to your book in 2021!


    • Cool indeed! I just can’t imagine it on the flight deck. Hopefully it will get local coverage and we can see some of the action. The PBR is really promoting it.

      Yes, there will be two professional groups that look for paranormal activity and then a group for people who just want to learn more. Melanie is working it and it should be fun. TGIF to you!


  1. Despite not belonging to Facebook, I found the concert and enjoyed the whole thing. Apparently some events are designated ‘public,’ so even non-members can see them. It was great music, and for such a good cause. Of course the longhorn was pretty darned special, too! I’m intrigued by the thought of bull riding on the flight deck; I’m going to keep an eye out for that!

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    • Oh, I am glad you found it! I had watched it live on FB and thought it turned out well for a first time local production. They also had an online silent auction. I will try to share what I can too on the bull riding. Our daughter is the historian/registrar on the ship. If you Google Professional Bull Riders you can find their website. Go to their NEWS and you should find an article about the event on the Lex with more information. Thanks for stopping by! I am sure you are out somewhere on the road enjoying this beautiful weekend weather. Enjoy!


  2. I served on the USS Randolph (CVA-15) in the mid-sixties. She was a sister shop to the Lex. The flight deck has plenty of room for a rodeo, for sure. With the new modern carriers you could have a rodeo at one end and a football game at the other and still have room for a rock concert in the middle.

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    • Then when the planes are moved there should be enough room. The actual bull ride does not last that long. I just worry about the bulls being taken up on an elevator made for planes. Oh, well, the PBR are confident they can do it.

      The Lex is fortunate to have older volunteers with Navy experience. One 90 year old volunteer is a Pearl Harbor survivor. There aren’t many of them left. Thank you for your service on USS Randolph! Thanks for sharing your experience.


  3. I am late to the party! Jo, lol.. Glad the ship was allowed to reopen again. and beautiful photo of the Longhorn.. Wonderful the charities are supporting service men and women and their families this way ❤ 🙂 💚🙏 Have a beautiful weekend.. 🙂

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