1. Living in the country one becomes acutely aware of the importance of the balance of nature. As I harvested vegetables from the garden this morning I said MABON. One word that reminds us to give thanks today and every day.

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  2. Mabon is new for me and I will certainly explore it more. Equinox…today I said farewell to summer inching away and hello once more to Keats’ “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness…”
    I come of Celtic stock and Wiccan Harvest Festivals were many in village and countryside throughout southern England.
    Time to reap what we sow indeed, on so many levels…

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    • The Celtics seemed closer to nature and their traditions are fascinating. We try to celebrate the seasons on a natural balance and could be borderline pagans! ha! I like the Keats quote. For us we look forward to at least a respite from the summer heat eventually. Today we were blessed with a shower! Your comments are always appreciated!

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  3. Seems our thoughts have been running along similar lines Jo.. 🙂 Such as our consciousness opens allowing us to think alike.. 🙂 And we had a lovely Harvest Moon here last evening too.. Clear sky for once…
    May we all remember these words.
    Love and Light dear Jo xxx

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