Hurricane Harvey is soon to be an uninvited guest on the Gulf Coast of Texas.  It is gathering strength as it approaches land and is expected to be a category three hurricane.  The last time one with that strength hit here was in 1970 with Hurricane Celia.  We are prepared for the worst.  Many people have already evacuated.

We have chosen to ride it out here in Portland, just across the bay from Corpus Christi.  While we are a block from the Nueces Bay, we are on a bluff so we are not worried too much about flooding.  On all the windows we have shutters that roll down easily manually.  Plant and furniture on the patio have been brought in or secured.  The neighborhood is quiet with some homes boarded up before the residents left.  Some, like us, have chosen to stay.

We have plenty of food, water, libations, candles, flashlights and an emergency radio.  Last night we had over an inch of slow rain.  Today the wind is picking up slightly and it is drizzling off and on.  The heavy rains are expected to start later this afternoon.  Predictions right now having Harvey make landfall around midnight  but that could change.  More later.