Wednesday Son and I drove to North Beach to  see Daughter who works on the USS Lexington Museum on the Bay.  As I stopped at a stop sign, we looked up to see these monks walking single file and looking rather out of place amid the tourists.

  Where had they been?  Had they toured the Lex?  Were they going to visit the Texas State Aquarium next?  Son captured the moment with his phone.


    • Oh, Judith, that is what we say when we get together, just live in the moment! And with our phones we can sometimes capture the unexpected. The evening before we had dinner at a restaurant on North Beach and stayed for the fireworks that were fired off the Lex. Daughter said she did not know if any monks visited the Lex that day but they have had monks as visitors in the past.


  1. What contrast! A behemoth “man o’ war” with guns and fighter jet showing in the background, with pacifist monks walking past in the foreground. You’re right, there’s a poem in there somewhere.

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    • Two opposite worlds for sure! Glad you thought it was interesting enough to take time to comment. I used to post “Friday Foto” but have not done so in some time. This one inspired me to post a photo.


  2. Monks appear in every city across our world…simply raise your eyes above your cell phone and you will see them and be reminded that we are spirit as well as technology!


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