FRIDAY FOTO: Espinazo, Mexico

In the fall of 1989 as part of a class that I took on Mexican folk medicine, I went to Espinazo, Mexico to celebrate anniversary of the death of a curandero(healer), El Nino Fidencio.  He died in 1938.   All the photos were taken with a disposable camera.

Espinazo railroad stationRailroad station in Espinazo

Boys coming into townBoys coming into town

Shared cigar with this man.This man said he had worked on a ranch in Texas;
I shared my Swisher Sweet cigars with him.

group042A group fidencistas coming into Espinazo for the festivities;
they carry a banner with Fidencio’s photo.

22 thoughts on “FRIDAY FOTO: Espinazo, Mexico

    • Yes, there are some thing we cannot explain. The Catholic Church does not recognize him as a saint but he is considered a folk saint and is known especially in South Texas. And at my local grocery store I see religious candles with his picture on them. Thank you for stopping by to comment!


    • Oh, my! Coming from you (a real photographer) it means so much. The portrait was always my favorite and has always haunted me with his simple dignity. My Spanish is very limited but he spoke some English. Thank you so much for viewing and commenting. I didn’t want to take a good camera down there so I bought a cheap disposable one. Some came out pretty good but I missed having a zoom.


    • Oh, I am glad you remembered him! You probably heard of Don Pedrito Jaramillo of Falfurrias too. It was a beautiful fall sky so the lighting was great. Thanks for the visit – hope all is well with you. Going over to read your latest post.

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