FRIDAY PHOTO: Bodega Bay, California



Restaurant scenes were filmed at Bodega Bay in and around the Tides Wharf and Restaurant.  The memorable school house scenes were  filmed in the small town of Bodega, about six miles away.  This photo was taken from the Tides Wharf and Restaurant in 2012 by Husband.

2012 10 08 Bodega & Bodega Bay 007

26 thoughts on “FRIDAY PHOTO: Bodega Bay, California

  1. What an amazing catch. A horizontal streak of blue across the sky shadowing the boat lines. That perfect contrast with the yellow (The yellow of little kids’ rain coats) And the wonderful mirror gloss of the water in the foreground. Eye even reads distance past the boat. (Of course I’m prejudice about boats and water scenes)

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    • Oh, I love boat and water scenes also. We had breakfast at the Tides Restaurant that day and the water was perfectly still and just right for photographs.(Husband enjoyed taking photos that morning!) The hill in the background was not planned but it did draw the eye away. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Cheers for the weekend!

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    • It was the scariest next to “Psycho.” I have seen “The Birds” so many times so it was really fun to see where it was filmed. And Tippi Hedren was at the restaurant just this Sept. to see fans. Evidently she has done it in the past. Husband loved the photo ops there and in Bodego!


  2. Dear Jo Nell, I saw the movie back in l964 and vowed I would never watch (to me) a scary movie again. What is interesting we now live in an area that is a flight path for migratory birds. Sometimes there are literally hundreds of them flying over our home. We are also close to the ocean and when big storms are eminent the terns come inland and hunker down the fields around our home. Then there are the birds that find the coffee so good at our local Starbucks they never leave – our local Canadian geese. They swoop over our house to spend their evenings in Burns Bog ( one of the few large remaining bogs left in our poor world). There are also seven American Bald Eagle’s nest in our neighborhood. When my farmer neighbor cuts hay there will be as many a two dozen eagles swooping down to pick up the scattering rodents for their dinner. I have lost my fear of birds!


    • Oh, Virginia, you do live in a magical place! To have Canadian geese and American Bald Eagles so close! Here sea gulls are common and are eager scavengers for leftover human food anywhere. Hummers are visiting right now. White pelicans winter here as do whooping cranes. Aren’t we lucky to live so close to the ocean? May Burns Bog continue! And I am glad you lost you fear of birds! All OK here. Yesterday we got 2 and 9/10 inches of needed rain. Take care! Hugs to you!


      • I am so happy to hear about your rain. I never would have believed it would happen to us – this is the “wet coast” after all. The rains finally came – just in time, and because of all the sun most of the farmers are having a record year.


  3. Awesome location. You have reminded me to see “The Birds,” one of the few films by Alfred Hitchcock that I have neglected to see! Judging from your image, I am going to be absolutely delighted. Thank you for the reminder. And beautiful photo, indeed. I expect you had a lovely time, there. All the best,

    Autumn Jade

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