Reprieve from Death on New Year’s Eve



D rescue

“Transport him today or he will be euthanized,” the caller said.

The call came urgently on New Year’s Eve.  As a volunteer with the Dachshund Rescue of Houston my son went immediately to pick up this abandoned dachshund.  Despite ugly burns on his leg and lower belly the dog jumped eagerly into his rescuer’s arms.  He was taken to a vet clinic that works with DRofH caring for dogs like this.  Amazingly he seemed happy and healthy other than his burns and was thankfully heart worm negative.  He will cared for at the clinic. When he is well enough he go to a foster home until he is adopted.

My son has two rescue dachshunds of his own, Neo and Zuul, and has fostered several through DRofH.  The organization does a great job of saving them and finding good homes for them and hosts events to promote adoption.

I do not know how this adorable guy got those awful burns or what other trauma he has experienced and really would rather not know, but I do know that my son has given him a chance.  Someone gave his dogs a chance to find their way to him..  He is just giving back.  For that I am very proud of him.

This little guy has a long road ahead of him, but I am glad that my son was able to help him on his journey to his forever home.  May this dachshund heal and find his forever home in 2015!


40 thoughts on “Reprieve from Death on New Year’s Eve

    • Thank you! The photos that showed the burns broke my heart and I could not bear to post them. There are people like him who do care and take action to help. I appreciate your kind words and your taking time to comment. All the best to you in 2015!


  1. May ALL neglected, abused and abandoned canines be rescued, fostered and/or adopted. My two black labs are both rescues and they are the joys of my life. Kudos to your son for his time, efforts and contribution to a worthy cause, JoNell. Please convey this reader’s thanks.

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  2. Well done to your son.. I so hope this little fellow recovers well and goes onto a good home.. Its people like your Son that make the world a better place.. so Say a Big thank you..

    Thank you for sharing it with us..

    Happy New Year and lots of blessings

    Sue xxx

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  3. Who could resist that adorable face? I was haunted by it. And I will pass on the thank you to Son. It always restores my faith in humanity when I see humans going out of their way to help animals. May 2015 bring good light to you and yours!


    • After I got his e-mail with pictures I was haunted by the sad face. He is one of so many to care about animals. My daughter is that way with cats and has taken in cats that were strays or wounded/ill that no one else wanted. They both have good hearts.


  4. Whenever I hear stories like this I just want to find the people and beat the living daylights out of them. Nice, what your son did; he has good brought-upsie!

    I hope the pup heals well and finds a forever home quickly.


    • Oh, I do too! I could hardly bear to look at the photos but at least he was at a vet clinic and would be taken care of medically. Son is one of so many volunteers that pick up dachshunds when they are called by the Dachshunds Rescue of Houston. I could not do that as I would want to bring them all home with me. Thanks as always, Val, for chiming in with your honest opinion! I hope 2015 is going smoothly for you so far.


  5. God bless your son. We have had 6 dachshunds; our newest 2 are rescues. However, they were in fine shape. I am so glad this precious doxie found a home with your family.

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    • If he didn’t live in an apartment, I think he would have more! Good for you also to take in rescues. Fortunately, most are in fair shape but this one was an exception. Thanks for taking time to visit and share. Doxie are adorable!


    • Thank you! The pup is doing well and has left the vet clinic and is in a foster home. He will have to go back for some follow-up care but he is a trooper and well-mannered according to the foster mom. Thanks for caring!

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  6. My mood swerves from anger and shame (that a dog has been so mistreated) to joy and hope (that there are people like your son who cares and gives love and warmth to animals). What a sweetie that dachshund seems. I so hope he’s placed in a loving home.


    • Everyone says he is a sweetie. My son talked to the lady who is fostering him until he finds forever home. For now he is safe, loved and will continue to get follow-up care from the vet clinic. Thanks for stopping to say you care! I enjoyed visiting your blog today.

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