It’s Time For – The BIG Christmas Quiz!

Seldom do I reblog a post but this one was too much fun not to share – a Christmas quiz. Fasab faithfully and weekly posts quizzes, puns, facts and commentaries. Check out his blog for a chuckle, groan or an agreement!


“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


Christmas week again folks and another year almost gone.

Time of course for the BIG Christmas quiz.

Some of the questions are fairly easy, but one or two will keep you thinking for a while.

So grab a cup of coffee, or something stronger if you like, and test your knowledge of Christmas and things Christmasy.

And, as always, if you get stuck, you can find the answers waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down below, but please NO cheating!

Enjoy, good luck, and a very Merry Christmas.


The BIG Christmas Quiz


Q.  1:  In which country does Santa have his own personal postcode ‘HOH OHO’?



Q.  2:  Which Christmas plant takes its name from the first US Minister to Mexico?



Q.  3:  What date is St Stephen’s Day?



Q.  4:  The song ‘White Christmas’ was first performed in which 1942 movie?



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