2014 10 05 Shiner Halloween 01

Photo by Husband

Trick or treat!  Wine or beer!  Wine is usually my choice, but when Husband opens a nice lager or ale and pours it into his pint glass, I have to sample it.  He bought a variety six-pack of Shiner beer from Spoetzl Brewery brewed in  tiny Shiner, Texas.  They were all good, but I preferred the Bohemian Black Lager and the Prickly Pear.

Bohemian Black Lager
Pale Ale
Prickly Pear

Many breweries bring out specialty brews for fall.  Perhaps we will try a pumpkin brew next time.  You can check out Shiner and the brewery on their website or if you want a personal tour of both check out this blog, Tales and Travels of the Tin Man, who shared his visit to both.  Cheers and Happy Halloween!  Prosit! (Enjoy)


  1. Oh yes, Earth Day is Every Day! (just reading your caps) Happy Halloween to the wonderful pagan princess of the coast! Lovely Shiner Brewery and those marvelous beers. I am like you and wine is my go to……..however, like you, if someone opens a great beer, I must have a taste. I love the Jack-O-Lantern with his hat on. Never had the Wild Hare…….must give it a try!


    • You don’t miss a detail, do you, Tin Man? The photo is in the kitchen at a table/bar with Husband’ caps above it hanging from a mirror. The Jack-o-Lantern is a Talavera piece (from an Heb Plus) that we leave out all year and decorate with Husband’s hats for the season. Weird, I know, but he makes us smile. Jack loves to be in the kitchen. Your post inspired us to visit Shiner. Cheers!


    • I will drink a really good beer/lager/ale if it is really hot and there is nothing else or if I a in a London pub. The jack-o-lantern is Talavara from Mexico. We have many different pieces inside and out. Jack stays out all year long and wears one of Husband’s caps for the seasons. They are so colorful. Cheers to another wine drinker!

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  2. I used to put out lights and cute Halloween stuff on the porch for the neighborhood kids, but they are mostly grown up so I have given up giving out candy. There are several other houses in the neighborhood that go all out with yards full of scary things. I enjoyed visiting your blog to see your lovely carved pumpkin and grandchild. Happy Halloween – cheers!


  3. I can tell your Halloween is really gonna be happy! 🙂 We have a brewery here too. I like the name. It’s called The Devil’s Backbone. Perfect for Halloween right? But that’s it’s name all year round. 🙂


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