I found this pledge via the blog Russell Ray Photos and wanted to use it.  One of the comments was that it was an old hippie pledge, if so, it is still a good pledge today.  My thanks to Russell for sharing it.  He has a great blog showcasing his excellent photos that often feature Southern California and a cat named Zoey.  Peace and love to all!

22 thoughts on “HIPPIE PLEDGE

  1. I believe I will put this in my classroom… my middle school students, who have all been raised with far more environmental consciousness than “we” were, will probably apprciate it.


  2. I like the retro pledge card. I remember the tree-huggers, but I wasn’t one of them. I grew up underneath trees without giving a thought to the fact that they were being stripped from the earth. There used to be huge forests of longleaf pine trees stretching from East Texas to North Carolina. They’re extinct now. Sometimes, I wonder what the hell we think we’re doing! I enjoyed this, Jo Nell.


    • Though I am old enough to have been a hippie, I was too busy doing other things. I didn’t know much about tree-hugging either as I grew up with mesquites. At least today we are more aware of our environment and appreciate it more. Glad you found me again!


  3. The Hippie Pledge is a good pledge even if this is an older one.. I am sure if we all pledged along similar lines the world would not be in the dire straights its in today…
    Many thanks for sharing 🙂 and for your lovely visits.. 🙂 Hugs Sue


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