41 thoughts on “POEM FOR A COLD DAY

  1. The grayness, the dampness is difficult at times Jo Nell. You wrote from the heart. IYou share your thoughts and remind us gray is just another day. Time to light all the candles and fill you heart and you home with light. XX Virginia


  2. I will dreaming of the 22degrees this morning come July….
    I am getting alot of crocheting done, keeps my legs warm…
    Good post…I enjoyed the smile
    Take Care….You Matter…..


  3. Yes, and how soon we forget! I vaguely recall lamenting the awful heat this summer. That was only weeks ago wasn’t it? And here it is going to be 18 degrees tonight and I can hear the wind howling. Great poem coastalcrone!


  4. I’m with you Jo Nell, winter is not my happy hour and I am in hibernation mode as soon as the temp here falls below 10 C. here being Vancouver, Canada where we exist in a constant state of tropical lethargy, according to the rest of this country who are now in various tortures of minus degrees C. Your poem is perfect and might have been written about here…


    • “Winter is not my happy hour” – I like that description! We had considered a trip to Vancouver this year – maybe next year. I really should not complain either as in the northern parts of Texas there has been truly cold weather. Your comments are always appreciated. I hope you will be out of hibernation soon!


    • Thank you so much, Joss! I only wish I could illustrate with art but words will have to suffice. Indeed I do have much to be thankful for this season and am grateful to be doing well. Enjoy the weather wherever you are!


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  6. Winter rain and gray skies must be challenging indeed. At least we have a little white to cheer us up. Wishing you a VERY Merry Christmas! Stay warm and may the sunshine on your holidays.


  7. Don’t tell me that it’s been since before Christmas that I was here! Good grief! I have to do something about keeping track of posts. How do you do it?

    The poem is superbly crafted, Jo Nell. You create the image and the mood in such few words! I like it very much.


    • Thank you very much, George! I needed one of your creative photos to illustrate it.

      I too have trouble keeping track of posts. I have a few (like yours)come to me directly via e-mail but mostly I just go to my Reader every few days. And I do miss many posts and probably follow to many. I don’t post that often these days so I don’t think you have missed any. You are always welcome anytime!


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