The first time I saw the black and white billboard I thought it was a campaign against the deadly combination of guns and drugs.

Nichols Guns/Nichols Westwood Pharmacy

When I read it closely I discovered that it was simply an advertisement for a business.  Really!  Walk into this store and you can have your prescription filled on one side and then walk to the other side and purchase a gun.  Out back is a shooting range.  If you transfer a prescription or bring in a new one, you get a free hour on the shooting range.  Is there a connection between guns and drugs?


Guns can save lives.  Drugs can save lives.

Guns can kill.  Drugs can kill.

Guns can be harmful if misused.  Drugs can be harmful if misused.

Guns can be legal or illegal.  Drugs can be legal or illegal.

The use of guns is controversial.  The use of drugs is controversial.


Only in Texas would the idea of buying guns and drugs in the same shared space seem logical!

You can check them out on their respective Facebook pages – Nichols Guns and Nichols Westwood Pharmacy.  A local college English professor, John Crisp, calls it the new normal in his column:,18704255/

What do you think?