Generic Valentine

May you see love, beauty, joy, peace, and hope

in the ordinary corners of your life.

And may the fragrance of a flower,

the careless flight of a butterfly,  sun

on a sleeping cat, rain,

unexpected tolerance,

acts of compassion and

quiet faith…

remind you of

the mystery

of life

and love.


37 thoughts on “Generic Valentine

  1. ………..and a Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Your poem was so very beautiful and I hope your words will resonate the world and fill the hearts of all of humanity…..what a wonderful world it would be!


  2. “…sun on a sleeping cat…” becomes an instant image in my head and it’s an image of warmth and peace. Who hasn’t appreciated such a scene? I know I will remember that picture. Thank you, Jo Nell. This is a wonderful poem. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! 🙂


    • Yes, it is a common scene and it could have been a dog but I have a cat. And more and more I appreciate warmth and peace! Thank you for your support of my humble posts. Love and peace to you and your loved ones!


    • Oh, thank you, Virginia! You got my message. Sometimes less is more. The comment is especially appreciated from you. I know you will have a beautiful day as you surround yourself with things and people you love. Can we ask for more?


  3. Just now getting around to reading your Valentine’s Poem….so lovely. The older I get the more I treasure the beauty that surrounds me, the intricacies of life and nature that I have taken for granted for so many years. It is wisdom that comes from God and from life.


    • Thank you, Sue! Yes, somehow age slows us down but maybe in a good way as we are more aware of the simple pleasures and wonders around us and of what is truly important. Even friends are more special. Thanks for the visit and comment.


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