Chasing away the cold…

A cold north wind is hurrying toward the bluff.

Giving thanks for all I have today…

Mate, daughter, son, grandson, family and friends to count;

And more…rainwater for herbs, feathery-white pelicans floating

on Nueces Bay, black fluffy cat grooming in a chair, flour for baking, music,

strength for running, courage for living, happy hearts and hugs,

connection with the world, purpose for the day,

words to write, memories in scattered black and white,

sunlight sliding through my kitchen window,

moonlight on the bay at night,

laughter, tears and life.


37 thoughts on “Chasing away the cold…

  1. I’ve read your post several times this morning. Each time I mentally added another line of my own. Giving thanks. You inspire me. Thank you for something so thought-provoking. V.


    • Oh, I am glad you understood the message. Today has been cold – for south Texas anyway – but the sun is proudly presiding over blue skies.

      Also I have been thinking of my niece who died of cancer one year ago today. She was 58 – ten years older than my daughter. She taught art at the high school level. I believe she would want us to remember her by appreciating what we have and the beauty of the simple things in life that bring us joy, love and peace. I am sure you will understand. May you have more sunshine in your life!


    • Thank YOU! I hate the cold gray days of January so I have to try to make the best of it and look at all the positive things in my life. Today it is cold but the sun is out beautifully! Thanks for the visit. Have a wonderful day!


  2. That is a beautiful poem and it is beautifully written too, Jo Nell. You should post more poetry. I loved the sentiment here. Yes, it’s very cold in Victoria too, but the sun is finally out of hiding. Pelicans are among my favorites. Your post made me feel good today. Thank you. 🙂


    • Thank you, George! I sometimes hesitate to put my poetry out there but sometimes it just fits the moment. I love the white pelicans and wish I could take a really good photo as they float along so peacefully. They define the seasons for me. When they arrive I know it is fall is coming; when they leave I know spring is coming. Sunny here today again. I know Victoria is always a little colder than it is here.


      • The one thing I’d most like about living on the water is being able to see the pelicans! They are my favorite animals (birds?). There is just something antediluvian about them. I hope you will post your poetry. It is very good, you know. I can’t imagine that I would hesitate to publish such fine work, Jo Nell. I really encourage you to share it.


  3. That is a great poem, Costalcrone! And a wonderful tribute to your niece…some days are hard, but I truly try to be appreciative for all that I have. We’ve had several bleak and gray days – temps in the 20’s and then yesterday the sun came out in full force and it got warmer…I was almost skipping! You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.


    • Well, I am glad that you have had some sun! Not sure I could handle the temps that low. We haven’t even been down to freezing yet. Thanks for stopping by my neighborhood and commenting. We don’t know what 2013 will bring so I am thankful for each day. May you have more sunny days in the hood!


  4. George, thank you! That is quite a compliment coming from you – a former English teacher. It is nice to be a block away from the water even if it is on a bluff with no beach. And it is nice driving across the causeway and Harbor Bridge to CC and see birds along the way. You do have Rita!


  5. Such a beautiful moment you captured, Jonel. Gratitude’s beauty and the essence of earth smothering itself over your eyes. Spending a little more time in this place would do well to strengthen the weary and enthused soul. Thank you for sharing your lovely words.

    ~ Cara


    • Thank you! And thanks for stopping by and following my blog! How funny that we would have the same figurine. I have had it for hears and keep it on one of my book shelves in my home office. We have these white pelicans that spend the winter in our area. They are beautiful and I wish I could get a good photograph of one. I have enjoyed following your blog.


  6. These are truly the Treasures to warm us and to keep the cold away, Our Gifts come in our family our friends and our pets and Nature .. Wonderful.. I said I would be around eventually and here I am….. thank you so much for stopping by Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary
    January has now gone and February is rushing to March…. We each need to make the most of our Treasures..
    Wishing you well
    Sue …


      • Yes I love each Season for different reasons, But I must admit Spring brings me alive.. I have been today and bought all my seed potatoes and seeds for the allotments and have just drawn up a plan with hubby on paper to see how we are going to set out our Allotment this year as we rotate… We are expecting a big delivery of Muck this afternoon from a local farm, so tomorrow we shall be busy Muck spreading LOL… 🙂

        Wishing you a relaxing weekend


  7. I am honored by your comments! Thank you! Back in my time most of the photos were in black and white so my memories always seem to be in those neutral colors.. And I see scattered photos as most of them are unorganized. I hope all is well with you..


  8. Beautiful. As I experience the difficulties that were the subject of my recent post, your message helps put everything in perspective. I have, thanks to the Creator, what is really important: a loving, growing family. Thank you for liking my post.


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