Sleeping in Angela’s Suite

On a recent trip to the west coast Husband and I left San Francisco, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and took scenic Highway 1 up the coast.  We spent the weekend in quiet Mendocino, a small town on the beautiful Northern California Coast.  Quaint Mendocino boasts thirteen bed and breakfasts, but we choose Blair House, Jessica Fletcher’s home in the television show Murder, She Wrote that ran on CBS from 1984 to 1996. Angela Lansbury played Jessica Fletcher.

I was a bit disappointed when we arrived as the front entrance was obscured with scaffolding as the front of the house was in the process of being repainted and repaired.  Fortunately the workers were gone for the weekend.  The white picket fence was also in the process of being repaired and eventually re-painted.  We were told by Norm, the sole caretaker, to enter from the side gate and go in through the kitchen.  Somehow it seemed appropriate to enter through Jessica’s side door directly into her kitchen where her neighbors and friends had dropped by for dinner, advice or a cup of coffee.  A bicycle was parked near the back door.

We choose to stay in Angela’s Suite on the first floor that featured a cozy but spacious bedroom with fireplace, a generous parlor with a second fireplace and a private bath with a luxurious claw foot bathtub.  Norm provided us with a complimentary bottle of wine from a local winery, Hirsch Vineyards, when he gave us the key to Angela’s Suite.

 Photos by Husband.


Parlor fireplace

Husband and Crone in parlor

Breakfast is served from 8:30 until 9:30.  Norm provided a hearty and healthy breakfast served family style in the dining room and consisted of granola and cereals, English muffins, bagels, fresh fruit,  jams and cream cheese, milk, tea, orange juice, and plenty of good fresh coffee.  The first morning we shared breakfast with two young couples from London who were on their way to San Francisco for a week.

The last night we had an early dinner at Mendocino Cafe, Norm’s recommendation for us, and was an excellent choice.  It was casually intimate with indoor and outdoor seating.  We enjoyed quiet dinner music provided by a talented guitarist.  After dinner we walked along the streets and window-shopped at mostly closed stores as the sun was setting in the west.  Mendocino is a lovely place to visit and much different from my coast in Texas.

Photo by Husband

View of Mendocino

Angela Lansbury came to the United States from England when she was fourteen years old.  She has been a successful actress in movies, television and stage.  This year she was in the Tony-nominated revival of Gore Vidal’s timely political play, The Best Man, along with another octogenarian, James Earl Jones.  She turned 87 on October 16.  It was a pleasure to stay in Angela’s Suite!  For information and reservations go to the website for Blair House.

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43 thoughts on “Sleeping in Angela’s Suite

  1. What a nice trip and great idea to stay in Blair House. I watched numerous episodes of Murder She Wrote and it was a good series, although I must admit that the quintessential on screen amateur lady detective would have to be Margaret Rutherford in those old “Murder……” movies.


  2. Oh, what a neat experience! I did not imagine one could stay at the residence in which Murder She Wrote was filmed. Did you have any paranormal experiences? 😉 In fact, I actually remember that show very well, though usually most of the plot content was over my head.

    Love all the pictures — especially the one of you and your husband in the parlor. Looks like you two had a marvelous trip 😉

    Hoping you are having a great week,



    • No, I did not have any paranormal experiences but it made me think of what it must have been like when the house was first occupied. I had trouble emptying the basin in the bathroom! I am sure you were too young to catch the plots of that old TV show! Yes, we did have a fun trip. Thank you for commenting.


  3. OH MY………OH MY …………OH MY!!!! How absolutely wonderful, marvelous, enchanting and devine. What fun………what fun!! What an incredible experience……….and I agree my very, very favorite photo is of Crone and Husband. What a charming couple. What a wonderful trip.


  4. Thank you so much, Tin Man! It was good to get away from Texas and once again experience new things in California and re-visit familiar ones. I am fortunate to have Husband to enjoy the same things. Love is sometimes better the second time around. We have been together 36 years.


  5. We are mad for British mysteries. Watch them all the public television. Frequently the same ones over and over again. What an adventure for you two. Love the picture of both of you. Husband took great photographs. Virginia


  6. It would never have occurred to me to look for Angela’s house, [I always assume that places that pretty can’t be “real”] but nice to know that I’m wrong again! Very special to share nice experiences with a partner who appreciates life too!


    • In the TV series Cabot Cove was supposed to be set in Maine but with the rugged coast Mendocino looks a bit like the coast of Maine. Some of the indoor scenes were shot in Los Angeles. I am grateful to have someone who likes a bit of quiet adventure too. Thanks visiting and commenting!


  7. Oh I did so love that series and here in NZ we recently had reruns. I am going to direct Chris at Bridges Burning to this post – she too is a Jessica Fletcher fan!
    Glad you had such a lovely visit.


  8. What a great idea to stay at Angela’s house. It looks rather small, but as I recall, the set rooms in the film looked kind of small too. I love the photo of the handsome duo. His photography is really superb, you know. I enjoyed this post very much, Jo Nell. I always learn something new here. 🙂


    • The house and rooms are very modest. There are two bedrooms upstairs that are offered also. Bill enjoys photography and used to develop some of his own in black and white – way back before digital! I enjoy and envy your camera skills. Thanks for the kind words on the old couple!


    • I meant to get a picture even with the scaffold but didn’t. However, it just made it seem more like visiting in someone’s home as we came and went though the kitchen. There are 13 bed and breakfasts in Mendocino – no hotels. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  9. What a beautiful review. You should submit it to Tripadvisor and the Blair House website! It sure made me want to visit Mendocino. Good to see the lovely photo of you and your Husband too. I’m glad you had a nice vacation, thanks for sharing it!


    • I had not thought about Tripadvisor but I do need to send it to Norm at Blair House. We really enjoyed exploring the small towns along the coast – not like our flat coast. They have big trees! Thanks for the kind comments on the photo! We don’t often get away but it was fun.


  10. What a fantastic trip and how lovely to stay at Blair House. I loved watching Murder She Wrote – every episode! How clever you two are to visit the little towns around and to find such special hideaways to enjoy together.


  11. I want your life. Seriously, my other half and I have so much going on right now that there is a four day weekend coming up and we suck because we didn’t get a chance to book anything, so many options are already booked solid and off the table. I would love a trip like this, plus, I used to love Murder She Wrote!


    • Thanks but my life is much too boring for you, I am sure! Husband and I don’t take many trips these days but we really enjoyed this one. I guess it is the quality that counts, not the quantity. May you and your other half find a great get-away somewhere. Short trips are good too. Make it happen! Thanks for stopping to comment!


  12. What a great trip… I never knew one could stay there. Your pictures are terrific too,. 😉
    Thank you for checking in during the Hurricane… your kind wishes were appreciated!


  13. What a wonderful idea for a trip. I lived in California for a year (many, many years ago) and had I known about this I would have made sure to visit. I remember Hwy 1 provided a beautiful view but was a narrow road and we had to watch for deer. Also the fog that blanketed everything in the afternoon made driving a bit dangerous. I am happy that you posted pictures.


    • Yes, Hwy 1 provided wonderful views but the road was narrow,winding and often high. There were deer crossing and then we saw a couple of tsunami warnings! We had been told of the fog so we drove it in the morning. How nice to have spent a year living in California. Thanks for visiting “my house” and commenting!


  14. I looked at your header photo and thought Mendocino? We settled in the holler partially to be near our adult children, who are all now in the Bay Area! Ironic! I was just thinking last night, we could have moved to Mendocino after all for retirement. It was at the top of the list of places we considered. Just so charming! We stayed at “Brewery Gulch,” on our last visit and loved it.


    • My blog header photo is of the Texas coast where I live but the angle is a little like Mendocino but not nearly s beautiful as the California coast. Yes, Mendocino is charming – we loved it. Where is the holler? You are fortunate to live near your adult children in retirement.

      Thank you for stopping by to visit some of my posts and follow!


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