The Road to Ricardo Brig Casarico

Recently a very fine photographer and blogger, gweaverii, mistakenly assumed a photo she had seen on my blog via Flickr on the sidebar was taken by me.  I was flattered, but  it was not mine as I have never posted pictures on Flickr and only take snapshots.  By way of making amends to the actual photographer, Ricardo Brig Casarico, I decided to research his work and post something on my blog about him even though I am sure he never knew I was briefly given credit for his stunning black and white photograph titled “Horror Road.”  It reminds me of a scene from the 1949 movie, “The Thrid Man.”

"Horror Road" by Ricardo Brig Casarico

So far this is all that I know about him:

1.  He lives in the northern part of Italy – Monzae e Brianza, Lissone.
2.  His Flickr profile is mostly in Italian.  The little in English states he is “male and taken.”
3. The photo was taken January 2, 2012 in Esino Laria, Lombardy, Italy.
4.  His photos are in both black and white as well as color and are outstanding.
5.  Two photos feature cigars – one is Cuban.

I am not a member of Flickr and don’t know my way around it very well, but you can view Casarico’s photos via the link below.  I admit that I do not have his permission to post “Horror Road,” but I hope I can be forgiven as I posted it to make amends for my blunder.

As most of you can tell from my simple blog, I am new at this and still learning.  (I have removed Flickr from my blog!)  I take a wrong road now and then, but look what I sometimes find.   Every day is a new adventure!  And lately I keep finding roads that lead me to Italy.  Is that a sign or coincidence?

5 thoughts on “The Road to Ricardo Brig Casarico

  1. Jo Nell I am a member of Flickr and you choose who will see your photos. I think most people, like me, have no problem with sharing our photos, especially with people who appreciate them. I have had, on three different occasions, people contact me and ask if they can use one of my photos in a published work. I take a lot of pics when I travel so they were all pictures of places to be included in travel guides and reviews. I did not sign anything just a simple, it’s okay. Using pictures from flickr should not be a problem….in fact I am sure to most people it is a compliment. I know it was for me. I think I have all the class reunion pics on there if you would like to look at them. I also have some other pictures, some beautiful old homes in Savannah. You may use any of them on your blog, and I would be flattered, though they are hardly as good as the Italian Gentleman. I have two years of pics that I have not uploaded to Flickr and keep saying that I will…you have made me realize that I need to get busy. Lol. George is my dear friend and quite the photographer and philosopher and just well rounded awesome person and parrot lover. Speaking of class reunions we are planning one in the fall….talked to Stinky on the phone yesterday, working on finding a place.


    • Thanks for letting me know about your photos on Flickr and giving me the link. I will certainly check them out as photos add so much to any writing. Yes, George has such a sense of humor and it is good to find a mature blogger out there! I am looking forward to another reunion. Thanks for all of your efforts!


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