Cigars are more than
                                                                                          Dried tobacco leaves
                                                                                          rolled by skilled hand.
                                                                                          Thick surges of luxury,
                                                                                          power, prestige, phallic
                                                                                          encircled, paper band.
                                                                                          Los puros share a glass
                                                                                          of brandy, champagne,
                                                                                          whisky, cognac, wine.
                                                                                          Cigars gently exhale
                                                                                           spirits of curling, gray
                                                                                           smoky breath so fine.
                                                                                           Wrapped like a gift in
                                                                                           brown paper they dot
                                                                                           and punctuate the air,
                                                                                           conducting dialogue,
                                                                                           guiding questions to
                                                                                           left, right, to nowhere.
                                                                                          And with skin like fine
                                                                                          boots they reek of a
                                                                                          forgotten time and sun
                                                                                          until the moment slips,
                                                                                          ashes heat, then cool,
                                                                                          falling off when done.
                                                                                                  Castro now

Lady Smoker

Crones really don’t whine…

“Crones Don’t Whine” by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

     Recently I read “Crones Don’t Whine” by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.  It is a small book with only 113 pages.  In it the author lists and discusses thirteen qualities that a crone should strive  to cultivate.  Examples of the chapters are listed below.  These seem to be good qualities for a woman of any age to cultivate.

Crones Are Fierce About What Matters to Them
Crones Choose the Path with Heart
Crones Speak the Truth with Compassion
Crones Listen to Their Bodies
Crones Savor the Good in Their Lives

       Bolen writes of “praying for the best outcome.”  She compares  the three phases of the moon and the three phases of womanhood:  “waxing, full and waning”  and then notes that “the moon goes through one final phase in the cycle…the dark phase of the moon…the final mystery.”

     Crones do not all look the same and one cannot always identify a crone by the way she looks.  Some crones relish their maturity and embrace the lines and gray/white hair. Bolen also writes that others who want to “look as young as they feel will do something about their wrinkles and sags.”  I believe that a true crone will  respect either choice. 

     I also believe that crones don’t whine because they do not want to waste the time they have left and that they have lived through so much and have survived and know that there will always be challenges ahead.  And there will be sunshine if they seek it.

     Crones really DON’T whine…at least not for long.