A Diamond for the Queen

H.M. Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne at  the young age of 25 on February 6, 1952 after the death of her father, King George  VI.  Her coronation took place June 2, 1953.   This year she will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee – 60 years as queen.  London will be celebrating her Diamond Jubilee June 2-5 with activities all over the city.  CNN puts it this way: 

The Diamond Julibee will be marked with a special four-day holiday weekend in the UK…packed with enough pomp and spectacle to rival Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s royal wedding.”

One spectular event will be a parade of up to a 1,000 boats, ships and steamers lead by the Queen’s Royal Barge down a seven mile stretch of the Thames.  In past centuries the river was often used for royal celebrations but less so in modern times.  Surely Handel’s “Water Music” will be played! 

Many other events are planned including a concert at Buckingham Palace, lighting of beacons across the Commonwealths and a service of thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral. 

Her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, the longest reigning British monarch and longest reigning female monarch, was on the throne for sixty-three years and seven months.  Queen Victoria’s beloved Prince Albert died twenty-one years into their marriage and left her with forty years of widowhood.  Queen Elizabeth, who will be 86 this April 21, has enjoyed good health and the continued companionship of her husband, Prince Phillip, 90.

I admire the Queen as she has aged gracefully through the years.  She continues to carry out her duties dressed appropriately as always in her coordinated coat dresses and hats whether entertaining a United States president, addressing Parliment or greeting her subjects.  Her royal status has not shielded her from the usual ups and downs of ordinary family life.  Whatever the royal family does – good or bad – is fair foddar for the British tabloids.

Queen Elizabeth deserves a magnificent Diamond Jubilee!  I wish I could be back in London June 2-5 to celebrate.  Long live the Queen!

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8 thoughts on “A Diamond for the Queen

  1. Yes, I do respest her and Prince Phillip. She carries on quite well! Thanks for the like and comment. I would love to be in London to celebrate but I am sure there will be plenty of coverage. Maybe I’ll do another post.


  2. Thank you for stopping by and liking some of my posts and deciding to follow. I will check your blog out! I will be watching the celebration Sunday and wishing I could be on the banks of the Thames!


  3. A group of us (several expats from London) gathered to watch the spectacular show on Sunday. We poured bubbly, ate scones and Victoria cake and celebrated this woman’s amazing 60 years on the throne. No one can put pageantry like the Brits. Virginia


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