My last post, “Reprieve From Death on New Year’s Eve” on January 2 was about my son rescuing a dachshund from being euthanized.  The dog had extensive burns of unknown origin on his lower stomach, leg and tail.  As part of the services of Dachshund Rescue of Houston (DRofH) he was treated at a clinic and then placed in a foster home.

Kip has now healed and is ready for adoption!  I thought my readers, especially those dachshund lovers, might want to see a positive update.  May Kip find a forever home soon.  Dachshund Rescue of Houston and their generous volunteers do a great job of saving this breed.  Kudos to them and all the other organizations that care about animals.  Several of my readers commented that they have rescue dogs.  Images below are from the DRofH website.



The week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day I always start thinking, I wonder what the new year will bring and what will I be doing this time next year?   The year never turns out just the way I think it will.  Sometimes I can declare with pride that it was a VERY good year.  But I confess that I have been glad to see some lean years end so I could start a new one with hope for better times. 
Yet I really wouldn’t want to see into the future.  I look upon my life as a book;  so I’ll keep reading and turning the pages until the end.  May you have peace, love and joy in the 2012 Leap Year!  Thanks for visiting my blog!