Courage, strength and a sense of humor will help get me through almost anything in my opinion. Years ago I read Lindbergh’s book of poetry and essays, Gift from the Sea, but did not know much about her beyond the kidnapping of her baby and the fame of her husband, Charles Lindbergh. A little recent research revealed she was an accomplished woman on her own and had to deal with her share of tragedy, loss and betrayal. I may have to read a biography written by Susan Hertog, Anne Morrow Lindbergh: Her Life.


    • I didn’t know much about her other that what was written about the kidnapping and her husband. Apparently she was an aviator in her own right. I like obscure history – especially when women are over looked. Will you be getting snow? Stay safe!


    • I seldom re-read a book either. I had a copy of Gift from the Sea but can’t find it as now I would want to go back and read with a different perspective. Alas, I cannot find it. Must have given it away on one of my downsizing days. I hope to find a copy of the biography at the library.

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    • Yes, I cannot imagine what she must have gone through. Apparently the marriage had some flaws. You always seem to deal with problems (ones you share with readers) with a little humor. As we get older we need to be able to laugh at ourselves. Have a good weekend – glad you have a generator if the bad weather comes your way.


    • Me too! She wrote a book called “Against Wind and Tide” which consists of letters and journals. Might be interesting after I read the biography. So many on my TBR list. Glad you liked the quote. I think Magicmermaids must have courage, strength and a sense of humor too. TGIF to you!

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  1. I’m on my third copy now. I read Gift From the Sea for the first time in Liberia, in the 70s; one re-reading was during a wonderful beach week on Bolivar Peninsula. I’m always dipping into it, since each section has a different kind of wisdom for different stages of life. She was a fascinating woman, as you say — certainly far more than many people realize. Now that you’ve reminded me of GFTS, I’ll have to pull it out again!

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  2. I was given the book Gifts from the Sea by a friend years ago and have read it several times. I think it’s time to read it again. I went to the church in Maui where she is buried. Thank you for sharing.

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    • It seems it is a book to be re-read according to comments here. I confess I did not go back and re-read. Perhaps I was too young when I read it to appreciate it. Looking for another copy since I can’t find mine. Nice to hear from you.


  3. Dear Jo Nell, Gifts from the Sea is a book that is extremely personal to me. When our daughter was married it was a small family wedding. Everyone took part in the ceremony reading excepts from Gifts from the Sea. I look forward to reading Susan Hertog’s book. Big hugs, Virginia.

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    • How very special to really be able to participate in a wedding. I cannot find my copy – think I gave it away – and must find another. Somehow a used copy seems appropriate. I am anxious to read the biography too. I remember my parents talking about the kidnapping years after. Hope all is well with you. All ok here. Hugs!

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      • There is something magical about a used book. A great many books are donated to our Thrift Shop. We devote a generous area to books and most books are just $l.00. Our aim is sell more books and keep them out of the landfill. I arrive early for my shift at our Thrift so I can browse the shelves and I always come away with several books. My idea of heaven. All is well here. Big hugs , Virginia

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