Basil in my kitchen window.

My last post was December 1 when I posted a poem by Ron Koertge to mark World Aids Day. So it seems I have experienced my usual  winter blogging slump even though it has been a very mild winter for us.  March has arrived and tomorrow will be in the 80s again so I have no valid excuse.  Here is my offering of random ramblings.

“If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” – Mark Twain

Texas is now one of the fourteen states that  holds its primary elections on “Super Tuesday,” March 3.  In Texas if you are over 65 years of age you are allowed to mail in a ballot.  Husband and I decided to take advantage of our senior status and voted by mail for the first time.  At first we were reluctant; mailing in a piece of paper was too easy; it was our duty to go down to the polls even if we had to stand in long lines (we seldom had to do that!); we would miss the civic pride being there with our neighbors as we cast our votes at the community center.  Of course, during a primary election, the Democrats would line up for the room on the left: the Republicans went to the right.  At least that is the way it works in the booming city of Portland.  Yes, we vote on the left.  One advantage in voting by mail was that we hadplenty of time to see who is on the ballot and research any candidates down ballot that we were not familiar with.


Yesterday I finally planted the herbs (basil, oregano and cilantro)I bought a week ago in pots for the patio.  Part of my death cleaning was getting rid of some pots.  Most were in the process of passing peacefully, but some I simply had to abort.  All of my plants are on the patio and under shade and usually only get nothing but rainwater until about late August when sometimes my rain barrels run dry. 


Have you done your taxes yet?  I am volunteering again through United Way of the Coastal Bend for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA).   Last tax season I went in four days a week.  This year I am only volunteering one day a week and am grateful to be able help provide free tax preparation for those with a certain level of income.

“In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell


32 thoughts on “RANDOM RAMBLINGS

  1. Wonderful to start planting seeds Jo… And we have already started though our temps are not in the 80’s lol… Though its been Sunny today and has risen to 9C which is 48F.. Good luck with your Elections and all that Jazz…. We are just breathing a Sigh of relief now Brexit is finally been decided… Though the nuts and bolts still have to be decided…
    Your herb garden sounds to have lots of lovely herbs… 🙂

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    • My few herbs are nothing compared to your real gardening but they are easy and fun. At least you have Brexit decided while we still have to wait until the November general elections. I am just ready to see who the Democratic presidential nominee will be. Stay calm and garden on!

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  2. I think the mail ballot makes a great deal of sense. Good for you for trying it. Your basil looks terrific. Mine is a little stunted by the cold. I’m hoping it will burst forward now that the warmer weather is here. Good for you on volunteering again this year on tax prep.

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      • we do not miss the island. We really used to hate spring break so we, of course, don’t miss that. I don’t miss washing the windows once a week or powerwashing the sideing once a month. The salt air was murder. TGIF to you as well

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  3. I don’t understand why some states insist on making it more difficult to vote rather than making it easier. Anyone in California can choose to get a mail-in ballot, registering to vote is easy, and the polling stations are plentiful and well-staffed (and there certainly are no segregated voting lines… that seems so odd to me). Good for you for volunteering to help people with their taxes. We’ve just started putting ours together … not my favorite thing to do, especially when we learn how so many wealthy people and corporations pay little or nothing.

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      • Huh. Here in Galveston County, everyone votes in the same room. They ask which party primary you want to vote in, but the machines must be programmed so your code triggers one primary or the other. At least, that’s how it seemed to me. I voted early, and there was only one room.

        It’s a little early to start on taxes, isn’t it? Heck — it’s not even April yet!

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  4. Love the quotes. Very apt at this time.

    And how wonderful that you have 80 degree weather. We’re on Vancouver Island, about three to four hours north of Seattle. The crocuses and hellebore have bloomed. My camellias are in bud and everything else is starting to leaf. Heather has been in bloom for a while so I can’t complain.

    Watching your primaries with interest. Wishing you and your fellow Americans a good turnout. Hope you get who you want. 🙂

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    • It seems you have plenty of beauty and color without 80 degree weather. We have nothing like that here except when wildflowers and bluebonnets bloom along the highways in certain areas.

      At least the Super Tuesday narrowed down the field. All the women in the race should be proud of how far the got.. Now I think Joe Biden will have the best chance of defeating Donald Trump. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. I despise doing my own taxes, so you deserve the YELLOW ROSE OF TAXES award for volunteering to do others’ taxes.

    Re the George Orwell quote, if he thought “telling the truth is a revolutionary act” in his time, no doubt he would think (if he lived now) that our day Trumps his day any day.

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  6. My Mark Twain was skeptical. Witty, but skeptical. I do enjoy voting in person. Here in Illinois anyone can vote by mail or vote 2 weeks early.

    Our primary is March 17th. I think it’s a pity so many candidates dropped out already.

    I’ll be an election judge again and completed my training on our new equipment. Fingers crossed that it works on Election Day.

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  7. You had me at 80 degrees. Still chilly here. We’ll top off today at 50 but tomorrow and Monday are predicted to be near 70. That’s very un-seasonal for us but I’m taking it. My bones could use some heat. As for voting, this is the first year we can vote by mail. The November election will be jammed so we are considering it. Our area gets a good turn out and during a presidential election there is a wait. Since our primary isn’t until May it’s get trickier as some candidates have dropped out. If you vote too early, you may vote for someone who is not longer running.

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    • I just seem to move around slower in colder weather so I am always ready for the heat. It really makes more sense to vote by mail; maybe eventually we can vote online. Good luck on your May primary. It is good that you have a good turn out in your area! Cheers for the weekend and enjoy warmer temps tomorrow!

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    • Yes, it seems voting should be more uniform but perhaps it is better in some cases if each state decides what is best. In Texas you can also vote by mail if you are disabled or will be out of the country on election day. At least we women can vote today!


  8. Dearest Jo Nell, Growing herbs is good for the body and good for the soul. March has been an unusually cold month. This morning the temperature was 2 degrees below freezing. Unheard of even during the winter. But now the weather is the least of our problems as we wage war COVIRD-19 virus. Stay well dear friend. Big Hugs Virginia

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    • Yes, growing my simple herbs make me happy in my soul and does not require much of my old body! Two degrees below freezing, my! We have had a very mild winter and are getting into the 80s. Now we too are being hit with this virus. I heard this morning that Canada was closing its borders with some exceptions.Schools here were out for spring break but that has been extended. New recommendations from the CDC just came in with more restrictions. Husband and I have plenty of wine, liquor, food, toilet paper and I have a good supply of mascara and lipstick! It is serious at our age (but we are healthy!) but cannot lose our sense of humor and do what we can to help others. Big virtual hugs to you, Virginia! Cheers!


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