About three and a half months ago we had  Hurricane Harvey.  Today we had snow on the coast as did much of South Texas!  The last time it snowed was on Christmas Eve of 2004.  Early this morning neighbors were out again (as after Harvey but this time welcoming the change in weather) reveling in the magical wonderland that our neighborhood had become.  We were bundled up in coats, hats and gloves that had been stored away and seldom used.  The past couple of weeks have been very warm and air conditioners were still running and shorts were still being worn.  Kids and adults were trying to make snowmen but with meager results as most had little snow-making experience.

For those for whom snow is a normal occurrence, feel free to skip this post:  spoiler ahead, it is mostly of snow!  But perhaps I can be forgiven as it may not snow for another thirteen years.  Husband gets the credit for them.











By noon the sun came out beautifully and the snow began to melt, but for a time our coast was a magical place and children created memories of the year it snowed.  Cheers!

70 thoughts on “SNOW ON THE COAST!

    • I don’t think I had worn that coat since the last snow! When we get cold weather it seems even colder because it usually comes with a north wind so we do keep a few winter clothes. When it gets down to 50 degrees we break out our boots for a chance to wear them. But I am happy with warm weather even in the winter. I hope you enjoy your snow!

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  1. Lovely photo of you and your husband. I love these kinds of snowfalls. We usually get about two weeks worth every year. Very pretty. When we lived in Winnipeg, it was brutal. One of the reasons we left in 1979 and moved to the west coast. Enjoy!

    And yes, global warming, climate change. It’s all happening so quickly.

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    • Thanks, Diana! Today the snow is gone and the sun is out beautifully. I am happy with warm weather and grateful that winters are milder and shorter for us. I get easily depressed in January if it is dark, gloomy and cold and do not want to live any further north. Thanks for the visit!


  2. Texas historically has swung from one extreme to another, and I’m glad to see a bit of snow in our swinging! You got more snow than we did up here along Galveston Bay, but it’s all pretty, and your photos are wonderful. I still would like to see another 2004 — but what would be really fun is a repeat of the Great Blizzard of 1895. Have you seen the photos of that? Houston looked like Winnipeg on an especially deep-snow day.

    A friend and I were talking the other day about how we judge the severity of winter by the number of times we have to drag the plants in. Last year, there were only two occasions. I’m hoping for more, this year. A good freeze or two seems to decrease the insect pests — but please, no long, hard freezes. In 1983, during that days-long freeze, not only did the bay ice over (with thousands of fish killed) the pipes at my apartment complex inside the Houston loop broke. The concrete patio area flooded, then, froze — and I got out my ice skates!

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    • Yes, Texas weather is unpredictable! When one travels in the winter one needs two sets of clothes: one if it stays warm, one if that norther hits. Son lives in Houston near the Galleria and he did not have snow. I have not seen photos of the Great Blizzard but may have to check them out.

      Funny, but I too judge winters by protecting plants as we used to have heavy freezes and I would have to haul so many in or lose them. For the last several years we have only had a slight frost once or twice a year and I would only bring in special ones. We have been here 40 years so I remember when the bay and fish froze. And you are right a good freeze would get rid of some pests. Thanks for stopping by. Perhaps you will get snow next time.

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  3. Wow thats amazing!Its very cold here in Ireland right now, no snow at the moment though and when it does snow it often doesnt stay. Our last big fall was 2010. I dont like it much myself but it must be a real treat in Texas…lovely photos Jo, thanks for sharing.

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    • Oh, thanks for taking time to view! It does not take much cold weather for me but this one-day snow was fun and a real treat. The Texas Panhandle gets colder weather and more snow than we do but it looks strange to see snow on cactus. Glad you were not too bored! Take care!

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    • Thanks, Amy! Husband had fun and was up before daylight. Sorry you did not get more but even snow flurries can be magical and fun to watch for Texans. Who knows that the weather will bring us next! Stay whatever the weather.


    • This time I guess we were lucky to get this snow. Corpus Christi got even more in some parts. Weather and politics – fickle and unpredictable. Thanks for taking time to view my rare snow photos! Try to make the best of the weather whatever you get. Today we are blessed with warm sunshine.


  4. Having been born and raised in PA it is always nice to see snow and how pretty it is once fallen. But having lived in FL more years now than we did in PA, we have come to enjoy doing without all that snow and stuff. That is not to say though that I still do not enjoy seeing it. Your hubby takes good pictures and I thank you for sharing both the pictures and your comments as it is good to see others enjoying this wonderful life we share.

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  5. I love such a beautiful winter wonderland! I know the rarity at which such events happen (even where I live farther north). I remember when I lived in Houston and worked in a downtown high rise. People would clamor to the windows to watch a couple of snowflakes fall, ha ha! Great photos, Jo. Thanks for giving us a peak into the coastal snow event 😀

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  6. I donned my warm boots and torque. Strung the string (with mittens on the end) around my neck. Red snow shovel in hand I stamped footprints in your snow. Then made four snow angels. A quartet of singing snow angels is always better than one. I had a glorious snow day with you, dear Jo Nell. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

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    • You with the beautiful eye would have known what to do and wear in the snow and make it enchanting! Thanks for joining me on my snow day. I am sure I bored people but the last time we had snow was thirteen years ago. And we don’t even travel to where it snows! We will take beauty when it comes our way. The snow seemed to make even simple fences and bushes more elegant when dressed in snow. I know you are continuing with your slow Christmas as your prepare your home. Hugs!

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      • We haven’t had a snow fall yet, dear Jo Nell. So I fashioned angel wings from wire and covered them with gold garlands. They hang by our front door. Angels like to check their wings when entering the homes of mortals. Much joy to you and all you love. Virgina


      • Beautiful pictures. I am going to post mine this weekend. You will see what I mean 🙂 I even used a slow shutter speed to make the snowflakes visible in the air. Otherwise no one would know they were there 🙂

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  7. Snow does make everything look so elegant. (Fan Palms here not impressed or bothered much – they do enjoy rattling about it in the wind))
    It looks like next week will be very cold (no moisture for snow, though) and we’re debating on how many/which plants to protects…may just toss more old fashioned heat producing Christmas lights under 3 mediterranean date palms instead of bringing out the moving blankets and wrapping them. Each year, more and more of our plants are told to gut it up or leave.
    Palacios got a huge snowfall around ’73? A foot deep all the way to the water. The kids went wild
    We do love what the rest of the country suffers with most winters.
    Cheers for the new year to you

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  8. It has been much colder already than last year. I am with you about plants. When he had more freezes I would cover some and haul some inside. Now we have none in the ground and the ones in pots we moved to the covered patio. May your palms and plants survive! I am ready for warmer weather and sun already. Cheers to you for 2018! Thanks for every visit to my blog!


  9. Yes, it does make even the ugly beautiful! We were fortunate in that we did not have to get out to drive in it but compared to what others have, it was nothing. Still we are not accustomed to driving even a little. And it was gone by morning. I hope you are doing well. All the best to you in 2018 wherever you travel!


  10. Lovely to see your snowy pictures.. We had some a few days ago, but its all melted here, yet other parts have had it worse..
    Wonderful to see you in the snow Jo. and I am sure you had a wonderful Christmas.. Wishing you and your family a bright, Happy Healthy New Year my friend..
    May 2018 be filled with Love and Happiness.. Harmony and Peace..
    And thank you for all of your Love and Support..
    Hugs and Blessings
    Sue ❤ xxx


    • It is nothing compared to what the East Coast of the US is getting right now, but for us it was a beautiful day with snow that was gone by morning. And I was happy with that as I hate cold weather. Luckily, it does not stay cold for very long down here. Thanks for the visit to my snow!


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