Hurricane Harvey is soon to be an uninvited guest on the Gulf Coast of Texas.  It is gathering strength as it approaches land and is expected to be a category three hurricane.  The last time one with that strength hit here was in 1970 with Hurricane Celia.  We are prepared for the worst.  Many people have already evacuated.

We have chosen to ride it out here in Portland, just across the bay from Corpus Christi.  While we are a block from the Nueces Bay, we are on a bluff so we are not worried too much about flooding.  On all the windows we have shutters that roll down easily manually.  Plant and furniture on the patio have been brought in or secured.  The neighborhood is quiet with some homes boarded up before the residents left.  Some, like us, have chosen to stay.

We have plenty of food, water, libations, candles, flashlights and an emergency radio.  Last night we had over an inch of slow rain.  Today the wind is picking up slightly and it is drizzling off and on.  The heavy rains are expected to start later this afternoon.  Predictions right now having Harvey make landfall around midnight  but that could change.  More later.



  1. Oh Jo, hope you’re set far back on the bluff. We’ve been following the news and the greatest danger apparently is from drowning.

    I have a cousin in Houston, so need to check in on him as well. Grandson was just in New Orleans directing a short doc. Glad he got out yesterday.

    Also worried about the oil rigs and pipelines off your coast. Hope all stays secure and there isn’t any environmental damage.

    Wishing you both a safe evening and night. I’ll be thinking of you. I’ll pray for the best. 🤗

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    • We are about a block back from a high bluff so we should be OK. Losing power for days may be the worst if we don’t have any damage to the house. Roof is fairly new but one never knows. There has been plenty of warnings so people have time to leave low areas and evacuate off-shore rigs. Our son lives in Houston and they and Louisiana will get a lot of rain too as they are on that side of the hurricane. Right now it is scheduled to hit about 11 o’clock tonight so we won’t get much sleep, Wind picking up and it is raining; I made salsa and may make cookies. Hard to just sit and wait!

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      • I bet it’s hard, especially since you don’t know for sure the severity. Enjoy the salsa, whisky, 🍷 and maybe cookies. And have your candles ready.


  2. Hello dear friend. I am thinking of you from the other side of the world. Earthquakes rather than hurricanes are our problem here. Stay safe and light the candles; pretend that this is a planned special evening; sip the wine and/or the whisky; enjoy the company and know that we are thinking of you.

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  3. Hi – I came looking for you. On a bluff with shutters – you’re good if you’ve got enough chips and wine HA HA. This darn thing bets the cake – what a weird storm. can it go any slower? Well, we get more of it next – just rain bands right now.
    Take care and stay snug.

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  4. Thinking of you… reading about your preparations brings it closer and makes it more real when keeping up with the news on the other side of the world… and yet, with the internet and so many global events that affect us all, none of us seem too far from each other, and we all seem connected through these terrifying natural crises…

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  5. I am pleased you were on high ground Jo.. We too live on a hill..Until the authorities altered and made all the drains larger in the locality of the town below us, it would often flood with flash floods through heavy rain storms.. Good to see you were well prepared.. xxx


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