FRIDAY FOTO: El Dia de los Muertos Street Festival

Dead of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is a holiday celebrated in Mexico and in parts of the United States that honors the dead.  Traditions include making private ofrendas (altars) to remember and honor the dead and visiting graves with gifts for the departed.  A form of it was celebrated in Mexico prior to Spanish colonization and was gradually integrated into the Catholic church’s holidays, All Saints Day (November 1)  and All Souls Day (November 2).

On October 29 Husband and I attended El Dia de Los Muertos Street Festival in downtown Corpus Christi.  Here are  photos by Husband, of course.


2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-54Entering the festival on a beautiful afternoon.

2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-1Cute couple!

2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-11Ofrendas (altars) were set up in an old movie theater, the Rialto.  This was a public one where people could participate by bringing photos, gifts, chrysanthemums or remembrances of loved ones.

2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-7This ofrenda was not traditional but it was playfully wicked.

2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-21Flowers and fruit were left out for Harambe, the gorilla who was shot in a Cincinnati zoo this year to save a child.

2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-20This beautiful one was for Abraham Lincoln.

2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-9This more traditional ofrenda honored many deceased family members.

2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-13For a token donation for the restoration of the Rialto Theater, one could choose a paper flower and write a message in memory a loved one.  I left a message for a niece who would have appreciated the art.

2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-28A happy face!

2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-27A handsome hombre!

2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-29Not a typical festival couple.

2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-44What is a festival without a car show?

2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-33Nice Caddy!

2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-43Ready to rock and roll!

2016-10-29-day-of-the-dead-50Mural on the tunnel from uptown to downtown Corpus Christi.

A native American Indian group performed songs accompanied by drums.  At the end the older leader reminded us that we are all brothers of this Earth and that we should care of each other as we take care of our home, Earth.  We should all be able to agree with that.

45 thoughts on “FRIDAY FOTO: El Dia de los Muertos Street Festival

  1. Great photos, Jo. Brings back memories of when we were in San Miguel de Allende. Aren’t you lucky that you can experience this Day of the Dead close to home.

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  2. Thanks from Husband on the photos! You were fortunate to experience it in Mexico and go to a cemetery – would love to do that. Yes, I am grateful to experience some of it here in South Texas. We are only about 140 miles from the border.


  3. Thanks for this post! I’d heard about the “Day of the Dead” before, but had always thought it was a bit creepy. After seeing these photos, I realize it’s simply a celebration of all those who are no longer with us. Quite nice, actually!

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    • Yes, the name sounds like some title for a cheap horror movie. But in some ways it is very spiritual in remembering and honoring loved one in a physical expression. And to me it teaches not to fear death as it is a part of our lives. I grew up going to cemeteries to visit so this holiday seems natural. It is always good to learn about another culture’s custom. I didn’t have any pictures but there were many booths for face painting and were quite beautiful despite the depiction of death. Thanks for the comments, Ann!

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  4. We have a lively Dia de los Muertos celebration here in San Diego too. My husband and I visited our Old Town area on Nov. 2nd and enjoyed the music, costumes, food, ofrendas (one was to honor Prince), and mojigangas. I loved the energy! Great pictures of yours!


    • So glad you did not find it creepy! It is a way to honor and remember them with love and joy and even leave a favorite food. Preparing a favorite food for a loved one still living is always an act of love. Hope all is well with you!


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