My WordPress stats tells me that my last post was over two months ago.  It is probably the longest that I have gone without posting at least a quote or photo.  I confess that I have tried to keep up with many of the blogs I follow, but I know I have missed many good posts.  That will be my loss!

My goal for this year, as confided to Loren Rhoads of Cemetery Travels:  Adventures in Graveyards Around the World, was to finish a piece that I started several years ago and abandoned because I could not figure out who the murderer was going to be or what the motive would be.  Perhaps I don’t multi-task as well as I used to because I couldn’t seem to post regularly and finish my writing project.  Many bloggers manage write books and still post every day.  I had to choose to solve my murder and finish my novella-sized project, “Tales of the Blue Indigo,” although it does need a bit of polishing .  At least I can go on to other writing projects like another incomplete one I titled, “North Beach.”  Right now I am now sure what I will do with any of my writing.  Perhaps I will combine them into a collection in my other blog, Tales of the Blue Indigo, that only has one post  just published but I would be happy to have you visit.  The first post is a rather long story titled, “Sug.”  I would welcome feedback!

Here is the opening paragraphs of chapter one of my completed writing project,“Tales of the Blue Indigo.”

            Joe T. suspected that the old man had brought him along on the ride only to

open and close the gates…then he saw the snake.

     Will McNally, an old man at sixty in the eyes the young Joe T., stomped a worn

cowboy boot down roughly on the brake. The blue Chevy pickup stopped like an

obedient quarter horse as the dust it had been kicking up behind caught up with it

and started settling down on top of it.  The two cow dogs riding in the back stood       

with their front legs on the side of the pickup bed and began barking as McNally

opened the door and jumped out of the truck like a roper off a horse at a rodeo.

     “Buster, Lady! Shut up!” he growled. The dogs went silent as their owner crept

around the back of the truck like some Comanche in a raiding party.

Joe T., grateful for the air conditioner blowing in his face, could only stare ahead in

creeping fear as the rattlesnake dragged its heavy body out of the thick brush and

across  the gray dust and ruts of the dirt road. He jumped in his seat as McNally’s

face, tanned and lined as a fine cigar, appeared in the passenger window as his hand

motioned for Joe T. to open the window. With shaking fingers he pushed the

automatic button as the tinted glass glided down silently. McNally had left the truck 

running , its humming diesel idle was the only sound to compete with his pumping 

heart.  The heavy heat drifted into the truck and the cool air floated out.

     “That’s a big son of a bitch,” McNally whispered, “just watch – maybe you’ll

learn a new trick. Here, take my hat. Be quiet and stay out of my way no matter what

happens,” he warned as he took off his tan felt Stetson to reveal wavy silver hair with

remnants of black that had once been the majority.

43 thoughts on “TALES OF THE BLUE INDIGO

  1. Hi Jo… welcome back… when it comes to blogging one should follow a personal pace… if other projects come across, then we need to give priority to what we feel commited to… I often post once a month. And Like to take time to post when I am in the mood to catch up with comments and visiting blogs…
    Well… that on the first point… As to your text… I am loving it! … I like the detailed descriptions, which at times reminded me of Truman Capote’s writing…
    Wishing you good luck with your further writing!… Love and best wishes!. Aquileana 😀

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  2. Jo, I know what that’s like. It’s hard to keep up a blog and write something else as well. You seem to be somewhat like me, curious about the world, wanting to taste a lot. That’s a challenge, too.

    You’ve got something going here with this excerpt. Like the characters and the visuals you’ve portrayed. I look forward to reading more. Best of luck.

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    • Oh, that makes me feel better about not being able to do everything! Yes, I am still curious about so many obscure things that most people don’t care about. Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words as I admire all that you have accomplished with your writing! This was the first time I had tried something this long but it was fun and I learned so much.

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  3. I just read the story on the other site, but didn’t see where I could comment. Still I wanted to let you know that I thought the story was very good! An excellent first chapter with finely drawn characters and a realistic setting. I hope you publish more, as I would like to know what happens to Sug….

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    • Oh, thank you so much! I have been playing around with “Sug” for some time and may take her back to “North Beach.” This is really my first fiction that I have shared for some time so your comments are very much appreciated! I looked at the post again and saw that there was a place to comment but I will test it as I have not had any comments so fare. Thanks for pointing it out to me. Cheers!

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      • “Write about what you know,” isn’t that what they say? I grew up on a ranch and still go out to visit – glad you recognized the setting. Your comments are much appreciated coming from a writer like you since you seem to do it all! At this age I just try to have fun with my writing without pressure. I started blogging to get back to writing and got caught up in just blogging but I have connected with so many people/writers (like you!) that I would not have met otherwise.

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      • They do say that. I’m glad you think I’m covering the bases, I do work hard, but I have always written so I had much to draw from when I began my blog. The other good thing about WordPress besides connecting is all the practice we get in writing. I can’t wait to see how your story progresses….have fun with it!

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  4. You’re a good writer! Great use of dialogue too. I also worry about how much to blog and how it takes up time from my novel-writing. But blogging is WRITING, and as a creative writing teacher, I know that to be a good writer, the more we write, the better we get. Plus, we get such good feedback from our followers, AND we get to share our little snippets of life and our fictional or non-fictional stories. We bloggers also learn so much from each other!
    You have been such a great supporter of my blog, stopping by more now than then, and I appreciate it. xo

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    • You have made my Friday! Thank you so much for the feedback on my bit of fiction! It is much appreciated coming from a creative writing teacher like you. I have been so reluctant to put my fiction out there but need to get reactions from others. I started blogging to get back to writing and it has been good for me and as you said, we do learn from each other and blogging IS writing. Your blog has been an inspiration! Thanks again! Cheers for the weekend!

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  5. You know the old saying: Use it or lose it! HA!

    When I first started my blog, I just assumed that ever post would be great. But, when I saw that the Views fluctuated quite a bit. Then yesterday, I didn’t get one View. And some days, the Views just spike up, even thought I hadn’t written anything. Readers are fickle, but that’s their prerogative. Perhaps its like in the old days, when people bought film by the roll. Professional photographers reminded the amateurs that you’re going to be luck if you even get one good one on the roll.

    With deciding on who the murderer might be, go for Hillary Clinton. That always works for Trump!


    • Good encouragement in that not every post is going to be a hit! I like the analogy with the old days of film. And I remember the day when you bought a roll of film and then took it in to be developed. Now it is easy to delete instantly if it was not good and at no cost. Too funny about blaming the murder on Hillary! Yes, she has visited Texas!


  6. Early on, get more visual about the dust settling…consider “on the hood”. That’s something the reader can s”see”.

    For the two cow dogs jumping out… What else was he going to jump out of? Its wordy! when Mc

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  7. Scrap my last Comment. Now, consider:

    Early on, get more visual about the dust settling…consider “on the hood”. That’s something the reader can ”see”.

    For the two cow dogs jumping out… What else was he going to jump out of? Its wordy! Try…when McNally jumped out, like a rodeo bronco out of the chute.

    Hope this helps, Cheekos.


  8. Now that caught my attention 🙂 and yes you have been missed, but if this was the reason then keep on writing,.. Loved your descriptions, very imaginative writing .. Loved it and will be popping over to your site to read further very soon.. Xxx Love Sue


  9. I also have been falling behind with my blogging. I have lots of recipes but I then I don’t take the time to write them down. Writing doesn’t come easy to me, I rather cook. I enjoyed reading your story on your other blog .

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    • Oh, I can see where cooking is more rewarding that writing but we do enjoy your recipes and when you write about them it seems to flow so easily…write about what we love. Thank you so much for taking time to read and comment! I think there is a post from you in my e-mail. Must check it out.


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