lgbt flag

Photo by Son

May love and tolerance prevail over hate and fear. 
We have all been touched by Pulse. 
May love bring peace to those who have lost family and friends. 
We will not live in fear or in the shadows.

For anyone wanting to donate, here is a link to Pulse Tragedy Community Fund.

38 thoughts on “MONDAY MADNESS: A Dark Shadow

      • Jo, that’s what gets me, is that we all bleed red blood. We all want the same thing. A roof over our heads, a warm bed at night, food in our bellies, an opportunity to exercise our talents, and most importantly love and acceptance. It shouldn’t matter what colour of skin, sexual orientation or faith one has.

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  1. Thank you, CC, for the eloquent picture and words. We are in Philadelphia, and quite by coincidence, at the same time as the Philadelphia Pride Parade and Weekend. It was wall-to-wall with people, all interacting and celebrating. I do not understand how people being themselves (however, whether whom they love or the color of their skin) which does not diminish me or others in any way can be the targets of such violence. We must continue to reach out, to speak out, and to work to enact laws and social customs that embrace peace, justice, equality, inclusion, and acceptance.

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    • My son’s photo said what I could not say, but thank you! Yes, the killings came in the middle of June Pride Month with many more to come. Corpus Christi does not have one but Houston has a big one coming up. It is a celebration of life after all the lives lost to AIDS. It is a loving caring community. I don’t understand hatred and opposition to something that does not harm others. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and beliefs! It is encouraging to know that others feel the same way. And you stated it very well! All the best to you! Cheers!

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  2. Powerful words… I can see why in Twitter both #Love wins and #LoveIsLove are used to make reference to the LGBT Community…. we need Love, in general terms, no matter between whom it happens 💛❤️💚💙💜💖 thanks for sharing! Aquileana

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