MONDAY MADNESS: The Light in the Tunnel


light tunnel

Photo by Son

Husband and  I are silhouetted in the James Turrell  tunnel, “The Light Inside,” at the  Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas.

The tunnel connects two buildings of the museum and seems a fairly normal route  for pedestrian traffic at first.  Then we were enveloped in a light that challenged  reality and space as darkness beckoned from either side while the black-clad museum guard urged us to stay on the black walkway.  I had visions of the River Styx and was grateful to find that the other side merely led to more museum exhibits with normal lighting.

Learn more about American artist James Turrell’s obsession with light and space here.

61 thoughts on “MONDAY MADNESS: The Light in the Tunnel

    • Son did a good job of photographing as we were barely aware that he was taking it. A visit to the Museum District in Houston is worth the trip as there are several to choose from as well as being near the zoo. The Museum of Fine Arts has really expanded and grown since the last time I was there. Thanks for your visit!

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  1. I find art exhibits like this one mind-boggling. Love the photo of you and your husband.

    Turrell’s work is above and beyond art itself. It reminds me of a number of art exhibits I’ve seen, one in MOMA in San Francisco, by Olafur Eliasson a Scandinavian artist who did one on time, and another in NYC. Any artist who tackles the themes of time, light, or space is extraordinary. I wonder how their brains work. I checked out the link, the Roden Crater, and it was fascinating but over my head. It’s what I like about art. It challenges us to think outside the box.


    • Son loves modern art that challenges and took me to the MOMA when he lived in San Francisco. I will have to check out Olafur Elisasson. The Roden Crater was over my head also! He has another piece of work at Rice University but I have not seen it yet. I thought the photo was good – great lighting and no wrinkles! Thanks, Diana for contributing to the art conversation.


    • It was taken a couple of weeks ago and seemed appropriate for my Monday Madness – anything a bit offbeat or humorous. I figured it needed a little explanation. It was rather odd in that it wasn’t set up like a traditional exhibit but more of an incidental passage from one section of the museum to another. And no one lingered! Thanks for dropping by. Must check out your latest post!


  2. It is an image that catches at your throat. The two of you. Hand in hand. Carrying . . . Memories?? Loving thoughts?? Questions? Where are going? Where have you been? Love it Jo Nell. XX Virginia


    • Oh, you would come up with a good story, wouldn’t you? And your story would be full of romance! It did look as if we were going somewhere. And we always say we want to go together when our time comes! Husband was carrying a shopping bag from the gift shop and Son & I had insisted on buying him two framed photographs of motorcycles (they will go in his office!) from an exhibit we had just seen. But that is another post. I like your romantic story better…perhaps we were going back to Paris…or was it only a memory…


    • I felt rather otherworldly too. Son introduced me to this artist and I try to be open to new things. I always learn from you blog! Thanks for taking time to visit and comment! I hope all is well with you and New Zealand.


  3. Turrell creates such fabulous environments. Hope you are able to catch one of his collective works exhibits – you’d be in Wonderland.
    That tunnel at MFAH somehow settles and transports you. the Blue phase is my favorite wit purple next. (People do get disoriented and fall off the “floating bridge”)


    • This was my first Turrell to see but Son has seen others and there is a more permanent piece he created at Rice University we want to see. Yes, it was very disorienting especially when you had to share the floating bridge with others. The Museum District has something for everyone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Turrell!

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    • You are right about the River Styx being different! It was a fun experience. We really enjoyed so many of the other exhibits but did not have time to view them all but we will be going back and there are other museums in the Museum District that we want to visit.

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    • Houston is always fun! The rodeo was going on the weekend we were there so it is country, art, urban and international. I lived there a few years ages ago when I was young but enjoy it so much more now when we visit. You should visit Houston again!


  4. That looks incredible…something I’ll have to visit when I go to Texas! I still have family in that state whom I’ve never seen, so I’ll be visiting the Lone Star state at some point in the near future, LOL – with my Alaskan attitude fully intact!

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  5. What an interesting connection! You are the only one who made that practical connection. it has been some time since I have been on one of those moving walkways. Weren’t there just views out the window or perhaps advertisements? Thanks for contributing to the conversation! You and Choppy stay safe on your travels.


  6. A most excellent account and I love the fact that you even included mythological references on the post… I am glad you made it through as those sort of `bridges´could be scary…
    By the way, I have nominated you for an award… look for your name at the end of this post
    All my best wishes. Aquileana ⭐️.-

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    • You could have certainly provided more mythological references but glad you liked it. Thank you for the Sunshine Blogger Award – what a surprise and honor! I read the post and only scanned the nominees as I certainly did not expect to find my name so I missed it. I will enjoy exploring the blogs of the other nominees.


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