FRIDAY FOTO: Monterrey, Mexico, June 1991

1991 06 Monterrey Mexico 001

In June of 1991 Husband and I took a train from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to Monterrey, Mexico.  The cars were not air-conditioned except for the club car where it was cool and the cervazas were cold.

1991 06 Monterrey Mexico 002

Husband reluctantly  posing for me between cars.

1991 06 Monterrey Mexico 023

View of Saddleback Mountain from the roof of our hotel.

1991 06 Monterrey Mexico 007

Neptune Fountain at the Gran Plaza or Macroplaza

1991 06 Monterrey Mexico 014

Faro del Comercio (Lighthouse of Commerce), a column 230 feet high and 40 feet wide erected to commemorate 100 years of the founding of the Monterrey Chamber of Commerce.   At night it was lit by laser.

1991 06 Monterrey Mexico 009

Note the admonition on the building to “Vote like this – PRI – on July 7.”  The  Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) continued to hold political power in Mexico for seventy years until 2000 when Vicente Fox with PAN (National Action Party ) was elected President of Mexico.  Today the PRI has gained back some power with the election of President Enrique Pena Nieto.1991 06 Monterrey Mexico 016

The Bishop’s Palace sits on a  hill in heart of the city.    Built in 1787-90 it was involved in the Mexican-American War as U.S. forces under General Zachary Taylor stormed up the steep hill  and overwhelmed the Mexican garrison at the top on September 22, 1846.  Now it is a museum – The Regional History Museum.  One can drive or walk up to it.  We walked and the view of the city was worth it.

1991 06 Monterrey Mexico 020

Courtyard inside the Bishop’s Palace

1991 06 Monterrey Mexico 022

The white in the distance is a cemetery.  Beyond that is the industrial part of Monterrey.

35 thoughts on “FRIDAY FOTO: Monterrey, Mexico, June 1991

    • We miss it too but glad that we had so many good trips into Mexico. And growing up in Freer we often went across to Nuevo Laredo as a family. Today we don’t even go there because of the violence. Occasionally, we will cross at Progresso but stay on the main street. The train ride was an adventure and we traveled with the locals. I learned to enjoy Mexican cerveza on that train!

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    • Thanks! I haven’t been back since then but I did go online and saw some additions around the plaza – some type of waterway. Monterrey is still a very industrial city but the violence has increased because of drugs. Thanks for taking time to comment!


    • Yes, today the risks would not be worth the trip but I am glad that we took it when we did. We don’t even go across to Nuevo Laredo these days because of drug violence. And it is a shame because it only hurts the Mexican people who depended on visitors. I haven’t been to Laredo in years but we hope to plan an overnight trip soon. We always stay at La Posada there on the river – this side. Enjoy the weekend as it should be nice.

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  1. Great photos! I have visited a few of the beach areas in Mexico, but haven’t been to other places. I believe I have seen the Neptune fountain in a textbook before 🙂 It’s really too bad that the violence and drug cartels have impacted visitors to Mexico.

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    • Tourists are fairly safe on the beach resorts – safe as anywhere is these days – as they need those tourist dollars. And the water and beaches are great. Yes, it too bad that the cartels have taken over and spilled into the US. We really miss visiting the way were used to visit. Neptune’s Fountain is quite a piece of art and so massive. Thanks for your visit – always safe here! I hope all is well with you.

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