63 thoughts on “MONDAY MADNESS: Cat Wisdom

  1. How novel, being wished a ‘Happy Monday’; it somehow sounds more sincere than ‘Happy New Year’, which I’ve been hearing rather lot of late. And yes, it is always worth laughing at our own absurdity; I should know, I have to do it all the time. πŸ˜‰

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    • I thought we needed something for a Monday after the holiday weekend and many people have to go back to work. Yes, I have to laugh at myself all the time…and others too! My happy Monday was sincere! We have to get through the year one day at a time.

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  2. I like to think I’m always laughing. I realize it is not possible but I really do have some silly moments and it is what keeps one grounded. I also try to smile all the time. (heads up – it really does keep some of those unwanted age lines at bay). XXX Virginia

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    • I try not to take myself too seriously and am the first to laugh at myself when appropriate. And I agree that a smile is the best thing a woman can put on her face! (: You have a very happy week, Hugs to you!


  3. I liked your very pretty artwork with its light hearted take on life. We can only hope it is not a “cat spirit” watching over us since they are quite aloof! Dogs may show amusement occasionally. But I hope to be a calm old soul who knows it is not worth it to sweat the small stuff. And yes, laugh at myself. πŸ™‚

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    • Dogs do show their happiness more openly than cats and cats are more self-centered. I hope I am already that calm old soul who knows it it not worth it to sweat the small stuff! Glad to know you can already laugh yourself. Thanks for taking time to comment! Always a please to have you visit!


    • Thank you for stopping by! Some days I need a little something fun to post. There are so many blogs out there that make me smile and then there are those that really make me think. I enjoy both. You are always welcome!


    • Oh, I think it is fortunate that we can find something about ourselves that is funny! My cat surely laughs at me as she has me trained to pet and brush her when she jumps up on a certain small bench outside. I love the cat face you use for a picture – I had a cat named Sylvester that looked just like that. Drop by again soon!


  4. Yes, people should lighten up more! I think that a little humor can sometimes make an awkward moment a bit more relaxed – especially if I laugh at myself. It always makes me smile to see a comment by you and your posts are always worth a smile buried in there somewhere.


  5. Hi Nell, nice to meet you and for liking some of my posts. I love your cat’s wisdom. I wish I could laugh a lot more about myself :-). Have a great weekend!


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