Once upon a time I had six cats and two cat doors; three were inside cats and three were outside cats.  These were their names.







All but Macavity are buried in the back yard. Today I am down to my last cat, Wiccan.  She is 15 years old.  I hope she goes before we do because no on else would take her. She does not like to come inside.  We bring her in only in bad weather.  Daughter, who loves cats, would not take her because Wiccan does not like her and hisses if Daughter tries to come near her.  Son would not take her as she does not play well with his two dogs when he visits.


My beautiful picture

39 thoughts on “Monday Madness: CAT CONFESSIONS

  1. Jo Nell we understand your concerns. We had two lovely cats.Both lived quietly for many years. When they went to kitty heaven we decided because of our ages not to take on the responsibility of more animals. It’s amazing though how when Mr. Cat realizes his food dish is empty he can really really like the person feeding him – even if it is a stranger. We certainly experienced that with our senior male cat. We are still avid cat people. Cat lovers. Cat adorers.

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  2. Oh Wiccan is gorgeous, looking well for her age too…I love cats too and I love your cat names…I grew up with two cats, Smokey and Judy and was devastated when they died.I’ve never owned a cat because I don’t know if I could take again….love the cartoon too by the way 🙂

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    • I have always had cats too. It is sad that we have to outlive most of our animal friends. I am going to try posting something light and perhaps silly on Mondays. This cartoon just made me smile as I have other friends who seem to have a lot of cats.

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  3. My cats (all are descendants from the two mama calicos someone ditched in front of our house winter of 2010) loved sleeping in the flower pots hanging from the porch rail. Their latest is sleeping in the chimenea.

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      • This little hillside is known as Suzassippi’s Friendly Home for Cats, Dogs, Birds, and Insects (and at times, moles and squirrels), all of whom can peacefully co-exist if the boundaries are appropriately established and honored. However, the black and white hornet who stung me multiple times in the eye while I was minding my own business watching my birds and cats is another story. After all he is only a hornet doing what hornets do so I did not take it personally
        , but I was nonetheless, annoyed with him.

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  4. I understand, truly. I have had cats most of my adult life. Today I have two cats, they will be 15 this year, though they are not related they were born 2 weeks apart and I adopted them 1 week apart. They live happily together and are people cats, they don’t know they are cats I don’t think.

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    • I have had cats that would take over the house as if they owned it. This one thinks she owns the back yard and does not care for anyone except the two of us. I have always had cats. May your continue to live together happily. Wiccan is healthy too.

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  5. 🙂 Your cat is beautiful.. And I have been owned by various cats in my life time.. One we had for 21 yrs another for 14 and another for 3.. Not to mention the ones when I was growing up with my parents..

    I am sure you all have Lots of years in front of you all yet 🙂

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      • Yes she was rather special.. the gap she left what huge.. and so we rescued another aged 7 from the Cats Protection League, and we had her another wonderful 7 years.. The 3 yr old was the son of the 21 yr old.. we had her splayed after her kittens.. And he was plagued with dermatitis .. His short life we made as comfortable as we could with constant vet visits.. xxx


  6. Hee hee, I’m still laughing at the cartoon! 🙂 May Wiccan remain independent and LOVED by you till her last days. We have many ourselves — and care for a colony here (TNR! TNR!), so I completely, utterly understand.

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  7. Love the cartoon. So sad, when we say goodbye to our pet buddies. I’m still mourning our golden Henry, and he died over a year and a half ago. Let’s hope Wiccan still has at least 4 more lives out of the 9 he’s been given…

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  8. I really liked the cartoon too and can’t remember where I got it as I have had it for some time and wanted find some way to use it. I hope to post something light and whimsical or mad on Mondays just for fun.

    It is sad that we have to outlive so many of our friends. She is healthy so far. Sorry for the loss of your Henry.


  9. I have a page on my blog, telling a bit about each one, about all of my 7 animals! 5 cats and 2 dogs!
    Funny thing – My daughter posted something on her FB page like: to summon me from the afterlife, what 5 things would you put in the pentagram to grab my attention? My finacé and I each named 5 things. I decided to share it to see what others would put in the pentagram for me. My fiancé put:
    Beesters, Neo, Krykit, Yeti, Puss.
    Yeah, those are the names of our 5 cats! I laughed hysterically! Lol
    I’m a true Crazy Cat Lady (but I love it)! Your Wiccan kitty is beautiful!

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  10. I’d rather go to the other kind of meeting too…. probably need to! I am counting on my family genes to allow me to outlive my felines… Wiccan is one lucky cat!

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