37 thoughts on “SUMMER SOLSTICE 2014

  1. Okay…………..yay, got to peek into your lovely home! Love the sofa, the great walking sticks and African totem or mask by the fireplace…….and you marvelous pagan candle display on the coffee table with the Sun god smiling down upon all!!! Grape Creek Viognier is the perfect wine to celebrate this hot Summer Solstice!!! May the gods smile upon you and yours!!


    • Thank you, Tin Man! You got the message all around with our pagan alter and sun god. I have become more pagan as I have grown older. You don’t miss a thing. My father collected canes and walking sticks and I have several of his and some of my own. The statue is carved from horseflesh wood and is from the Bahamas. We try to celebrate the seasons with a Texas wine. May the gods be good to you also through this hot summer. I shall pray to Chac, the Rain God.


    • Thank you! I complain about the heat but I would rather have it than too much cold weather. Your area gets the bitter cold and the heat. Try to stay cool. I hope things are going well for you these days. I am sure you will have plenty to say about the governor election this year! Cheers!


  2. There we were. Rummaging for matches. Looking for the corkscrew. The room was so perfect for this celebration of the summer solstice I couldn’t keep The Tin Man away from the walking sticks(he simply never misses anything). What enormous joy to vicariously share this day with you Jo Nell.


    • No, the Tin Man does not miss a thing! I have become more pagan as I have grown older so we celebrate the seasons with wine and a candle. Thank you for stopping by to share it with us. It was my pleasure to vicariously share your visit with the Tin Man! May you have a beautiful summer! Cheers!


  3. I also opened a bottle of wine my friend… It was Hubbies Birthday on the 21st.. So a double celebration… Love your home… 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend … And many thanks for your most welcome visits… as I catch up with everyone.. xox Love Sue


  4. Love this, Jo Nell. I’m not sure that I dare to celebrate the beginning of summer! Soon enough, I’ll be whining to high heaven about the heat! Chuckle.. We had a lot of rain last week. I hope you got some of it too!


    • Thanks, George! I thought we might as well celebrate and go with what is natural here. You all always get more rain than we do. As my father would say, “you must be paying the preacher!”


  5. It looks like you had a wonderful Summer Solstice. I always feel a little bittersweet (that may not be exactly the right word) when I realize that the days are now starting to get a little shorter.


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